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IMAX Was Seeing Double

January 4th, 2011

IMAX released their 2010 numbers and they had a lot of reasons to celebrate, more than 500 million of them. Total worldwide revenues doubled from their previous record of $270 million in 2009 to $546 million in 2010. This is partially due to increased market penetration, especially internationally (international revenue tripled from $70 million to $212 million) but their per theater revenue also grew by an impressive 50%. Revenue for the fourth quarter was also up compared to last year, but by a tiny margin at $102 to $101 million. However, this should be considered a solid result, as last year was boosted by Avatar, and there was nothing that came close to matching its box office this year.

Looking forward, 2011's slate of releases includes, but is not limited to, The Green Hornet, I Am Number Four, Mars Needs Moms, Sucker Punch, Born to be Wild, Fast Five, and that's all before summer starts. I don't know if it will be a record-breaking year, but it should be one to watch.



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