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Blu-ray Sales: Holdovers Lord Above New Releases

July 20th, 2011

Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Trilogy remained on top of the Blu-ray sales chart this week selling 104,000 units / $5.08 million for the week. It now has generated just over $30 million in sales in just two weeks, and even if you split that between the three movies, it's still an excellent run for a catalog title. Sucker Punch remained in second place with 69,000 units / $1.25 million for the week, giving it totals of 335,000 units / $6.93 million after two. 13 Assassins opened in third place with 39,000 units / $700,000. Its opening week Blu-ray ratio of 43% was better than expected, while it generated more revenue from Blu-ray than it did from DVD. Battle: Los Angeles remained in fourth place with 32,000 units / $716,000 for the week and totals of 506,000 units / $11.16 million after almost a month of release. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I climbed into fifth place with 31,000 units / $776.000 for the week and 2.86 million units / $64.23 million after three months of release. It remains the best-selling Blu-ray of the year.

The next best new release to chart was Hobo with a Shotgun, which placed seventh with 26,000 units / $481,000. Its opening week Blu-ray ratio was 47%, but it actually costs less on Blu-ray than it does on DVD, so that helped. Of Gods and Men didn't even crack the top 30 on the DVD sales chart, but it placed 19th on the Blu-ray sales chart with 12,000 units / $318,000.

The overall Blu-ray market crashed back to earth down 49% in terms of units and 62% in terms of dollars. Ouch. On the other hand, compared to last year sales were up 19% in terms of units and 43% in terms of dollars. DVD sales were not as strong, down a stunning 43% / 45% from last year. With Blu-ray stronger than last year and DVD weaker, the Blu-ray ratio remained strong at 32% of total units and 43% of total revenue. It will be interesting to see how well next week's Blu-ray crop will do and if Rango's abbreviated week will have a major impact. I'm optimistic.


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