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International Box Office: Paranormal Inactivity

October 26th, 2011

The international box office was pretty slow this week and the only new release to have any impact was Paranormal Activity 3. This film did top the chart with $26.11 million on 3,876 screens in 42 markets. Leading the way was the U.K. with $5.43 million on 391 screens, which was easily enough for first place in that market. It also topped the charts in Russia with $3.20 million on 637 screens, in Australia with $3.04 million on 192, in Mexico with $1.96 million on 732, and in Spain with $1.04 million on 232. On the other hand, it had to settle for third place in France with $2.50 million on 215 screens and in Brazil with $1.21 million on 200. Compared to previous installments, these results were mixed. The film was stronger in Australia, but weaker in the U.K. and France, for instance. It's too soon to tell where it will finish, but assuming it is the biggest hit domestically of the three films, it should at least come close to $200 million worldwide.

Real Steel was pushed to second place, but was still strong at $19.73 million on 4,744 screens in 33 markets for a total of $92.13 million internationally. It had to settle for second place in France, behind a local hit, with $2.84 million on 463 screens, including previews. It earned first place in Brazil with $1.63 million on 423 screens over the weekend, for a total opening of $2.05 million. By this time next week it will have reached the century mark on the international stage and with openings in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan ahead, getting to $200 million worldwide should be an easy target.

Johnny English: Reborn remained in third place with $13.20 million on 3,529 screens in 45 markets for a total of $104.29 million internationally. The film struggled in Mexico (third place with $952,000 on 539 screens) and bombed in France (eighth place with $1.11 million on 327). On the other hand, it is still doing well in the U.K. earning second place with $3.27 million on 552 screens over the weekend for a total of $20.59 million after three. It may have already broke even, despite bombing domestically.

On the other hand, The Three Musketeers needs help. This weekend it fell to fourth place with $13.1 million on 6,270 screens in 56 markets for a total of $64.4 million internationally. It only managed fifth place in Australia with $948,000 in 236 screens, which is roughly as weak as its opening here. Like Johnny English: Reborn, it also bombed domestically. However, it will have a lot harder time breaking even, because it cost a lot more to make and it is not doing nearly as well internationally and it has fewer major markets left to open in.

Contagion reached the chart for the first time placing fifth with $9.8 million on 2,505 screens in 34 markets for an early total of $22.9 million. Its biggest opening of the weekend came from the U.K., where it was placed third with $2.36 million on 398 screens, while it managed second place in Australia with $1.64 million on 235 screens. The film has yet to open in Brazil, France, Japan and other markets, but matching its domestic total internationally will be a stretch.

Green Lantern returned to the chart in sixth place with $6.09 million, while it crossed the $100 mark since the last time it appeared on this list and now has $109.34 million in total. This will likely be enough to prevent someone from losing their job, but it doesn't justify a sequel.


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