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DVD Sales: Avatar Still Sweet

May 17th, 2010

The best of the new releases couldn't place better than second, which meant Avatar remained on top of the DVD Sales Chart. This week it added $10.87 million from 581,000 units, giving it totals of 6.31 million units and $107.09 million. It is very close to overtaking New Moon for the top spot on the 2010 Yearly Chart.

Tooth Fairy opened in second place with 455,000 units, generating $7.80 million in sales. This is a little on the low side, especially for its target audience. It's Complicated slipped to third with 354,000 units for the week and 1.07 million units after two. So far the film has pulled in $18.10 million. Given the film's target demographic, this isn't bad. The Blind Side rose to fourth place with 323,000 units / $4.13 million for the week and 4.58 million units / $73.32 million after seven weeks of release. Rounding out the top five was Leap Year with 160,000 units / $2.88 million. It struggled at the box office, so its struggles on the home market are not surprising.

We find Nine further down on the list with 74,000 units sold, generating $1.34 million in sales. The final new release to chart was X-Men: Volume Five, which placed 24th with 25,000 units / $494,000 in opening week sales. For this type of release, this is excellent.

It was another week without a top notch Blu-ray release, so not surprisingly overall sales dropped 34% to $21.5 million. Again, while sales were slow compared to last week, they were up 30% compared to last year, which is more important. Meanwhile, compared to DVD, Blu-ray represented 12% of the total market and 19% of the top 20 comparison. Avatar again led the way with nearly 400,000 units sold. The best selling new release of the week was Saving Private Ryan, which sold 90,000 units. This is amazing for a catalog release. The best first run release of the week was Tooth Fairy, which opened with just under 50,000 units.


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