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DVD Sales: Alice Shuts Out New Releases

June 22nd, 2010

No new release was able to take top spot on this week's sales chart leaving Alice in Wonderland as the repeat champion. It added $12.34 million from 657,000 units sold to take its two-week totals to 2.75 million units and $52.47 million in consumer spending at retail. Shutter Island opened in second place with 504,000 units / $8.57 million, but this was weaker than its theatrical run would have indicated. I assumed if the DVD had better extras, its sales would have also been better. On the other hand, From Paris With Love opened in third place with 293,000 units / $4.89 million in opening week sales. It made a quarter of what Shutter Island made theatrically, but more than half on DVD. The Wolfman fell from second to fourth with 154,000 units / $2.95 million over the week for totals of 653,000 units / $11.93 million after two. Avatar remained in the top five for the eighth week in a row with 120,000 units / $2.35 million, lifting its totals to 7.46 million units / $128.79 million.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Seventh Season opened in ninth place with 57,000 units / $1.32 million. Meanwhile, StarStruck was way down the list, opening in 25th place with 29,000 units / $566,000 in sales; however, since most TV Movies never chart, this is still a pretty good opening.

Without a marquee release, Blu-ray returned to Earth with sales of $19.5 million over the week. This was 38% lower than last week and 2% lower than the same weekend last year. However, there was mitigating circumstances as last year's top selling DVD was Gran Torino at 1.71 million units, which is huge compared to this week's top DVD. Compared to DVD sales, Blu-ray represented 14% of total sales and 22% of the top twenty comparison, so it is weakness in the home market and not in the format specifically. Alice in Wonderland remained the best selling Blu-ray of the week with estimated sales of 250,000 units, while Shutter Island was second with just over 200,000.


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