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DVD Sales: Booking Top Spot on the Chart

June 29th, 2010

Few new releases reached the top 30 on the sales chart this week, but one of them, The Book of Eli, led the way with 789,000 units / $17.62 million in opening week consumer spending at retail. Alice in Wonderland slipped to second place with 297,000 / $5.64 million over the week and totals of 3.05 million units / $58.11 million after three. It became just the sixth DVD of 2010 to sell 3 million copies and the first film of 2010 to get there. Shutter Island was close behind with 232,000 units / $3.94 million for the week, but its total sales are only 736,000 units / $12.51 million after two. When in Rome opened in fourth place with 184,000 units / $2.86 million, which is a disappointing result, but no more so than its theatrical run. Finally, Avatar remained in the top five for the ninth week in a row with 153,000 units / $2.92 million, which is an improvement over last week. Its totals are now 7.61 million units / $131.70 million in sales after two month of release, which is the best of 2010 so far. In fact, it might end the year as the best.

The next best new releases was Family Guy: Volume 8, which placed sixth with 134,000 units. However, thanks to its TV on DVD pricing, it was third in sales with $4.29 million. The only other new release to chart was Youth in Revolt way back in 12th place with 62,000 units / $1.09 million.

Blu-ray sales saw serious growth, up 35% from last week to $26.4 million. This was 27% more than last year, despite DVD sales falling nearly 33% year-over-year. Blu-ray also represented 14% of total sales and 24% of the top twenty comparisons, which is better than average for the year so far. The best selling Blu-ray of the week was The Book of Eli at about 420,000 units. The second best selling Blu-ray was Avatar at roughly 160,000 units. The fact that Avatar was in second place for the week shows that there haven't been a lot of top notch releases for a while now.


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