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DVD Sales: Good Week for Night

August 24th, 2010

Only three new releases managed to reach the top 30 on the DVD sales chart this week, led by Date Night. The DVD sold an estimated 623,000 units, and generated $10.58 million in consumer spending at retail during its first week of release. Death at a Funeral debuted in second place with 325,000 units / $5.52 million. Diary of a Wimpy Kid was the best of the holdovers, landing in third place with 237,000 units / $4.02 million for the week and 901,000 units / $15.31 million after two. Kick-Ass held on better than expected with 195,000 units / $4.27 million for the week giving its a two-week total of 631,000 units and $13.92 million. Clash of the Titans is still hanging around the top five with 192,000 units / $3.11 million for the week and 1.35 million units / $22.87 million after three.

The only other new release to chart was Letters to God, which managed sixth place. However, that was mostly due to weak competition, as it only sold 65,000 units and generated $1.03 million in sales.

Without a top-notch release, Blu-ray again sank. It was down 37% from last week to just $14.4 million. This was 7% lower than the same week last year, which wasn't a particularly strong week on the home market either. Compared to the DVD market, Blu-rays represented 11% of total sales and 19% of the top 20 comparison, which is not bad, but not great either. The best-selling individual release was Date Night at 150,000 units, while Kick-Ass was relatively close behind with 120,000 units.


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