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Weekend Estimates: Jackass Knocks it Out the Park

October 17th, 2010

Jackass 3D is set to record the biggest October weekend ever, according to Paramount's Sunday estimate. With $50 million over the weekend, the movie will also set a new mark for a factually-based movie, beating the record held by its predecessor in the series, Jackass: Number Two. Although the debate on 3D's long-term future continues, this is a movie that seems to be perfectly suited to the medium. Expect to see talk of Jackass 4D very soon. We don't even dare to speculate what the 4th D will entail.

Second place this weekend went to Red, which also had a good weekend. Admittedly, $22.5 million isn't blockbuster status, but it is on par with The Social Network's debut three weeks ago, and should ensure domestic box office comfortably over $50 million.

Among the returning films, Secretariat had an excellent second weekend, falling 25% to $9.5 million. That's the best second-weekend hold by any wide release this year. The Social Network enjoyed a good third weekend, down 29%.

In limited release, two films stood out. N-Secure posted an impressive $1.38 million in 486 theaters. While its per-theater average ($2,849) is not all that spectacular, it's unusual for a film to succeed with this sort of nationwide limited release, and doubly so for an independent release. Hereafter, meanwhile, posted a very strong $231,000 opening in six theaters for an average of $38,500: one of the best openings of the year in limited release.

The biggest miss among limited releases was political documentary I Want Your Money, which posted a very disappointing $279,240 estimate from 537 theaters for an average of $520.

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