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Weekend Estimates: 3D Gives Saw Franchise Strong Finish

October 31st, 2010

With an estimated 92% of box office receipts coming from 3D shows, Saw 3D became the highest-grossing horror franchise in history this weekend, overtaking Friday the 13th. Its $22.4 million opening is still down from the peak for the franchise, which topped $30 million on four occasions, but is up significantly from the disappointing $14.1 million debut of Saw VI last year. (See full franchise history here.) Paranormal Activity 2, meanwhile had a steep drop to $16.5 million in its second weekend, although 59% isn't terrible for the genre, and the low-budget sequel has racked up over $65 million in just 10 days.

In third place, Red posted another impressive weekend for Summit with $10.8 million, down just 28% in its third weekend. Secretariat and The Town enjoyed similarly strong holds.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest made a good start in limited release with $735,000 from 121 theaters. Three movies in very limited release also posted per theater averages over $10,000: Waste Land picked up an estimated $11,562 in a single theater for Arthouse Films; Inspector Bellamy earned $22,000 in two theaters for IFC Films, and Magnet Pictures enjoyed a $20,600 opening in two theaters for Monsters.

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