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DVD Sales - Knight Rises

January 7th, 2009

This week, new releases were practically non-existent on the DVD sales chart. In fact, the best selling releases to make their debut on the chart were the late releases from last week. The best seller overall this week was The Dark Knight with 1.69 million units and $37.11 million in consumer retail spending for the week, giving it just a hair under 12.00 million units sold and $252.82 million in sales after three. This is clearly the best selling DVD of 2008 having sold over 1 million units more than WALL-E and nearly $70 million more in retail sales.

Mamma Mia! slipped into second place with 1.37 million units sold over the past week, giving it $106.83 million in sales from 4.95 million units sold after two. Death Race opened in third place with 668,000 units and $15.91 million in sales; comparing that number to its theatrical run suggests a very strong Fanboy Effect. On the other hand, Burn After Reading opened with 655,000 units and $11.90 million in sales, which is more in line with normal home market sales for a film that earned $60 million theatrically. The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor added 613,000 / $11.12 million over the week for total of 2.07 million / $37.76 million after two.

The House Bunny climbed into 9th place during its first full week of release and earned nearly three times what it made during its short week of release. Add in the 466,000 unit / $8.21 million it earned this past week to its earlier numbers, and it would have landed in the top five and been fighting for third place. Meanwhile, The Women opened in 16th place with 256,000 units and $5.11 million in sales. Finally, early sales placed Eagle Eye in 20th with 190,000 units / $4.34 million.

The holidays meant no information was released for Blu-ray, but we were informed that both The Dark Knight and Iron Man have sold more than 1 million units in High Definition.


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