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DVD Sales - Express Runs to the Top

January 19th, 2009

The new releases overwhelmed the sales chart this week taking the top four places, and six of the top ten, and nine of the top thirty. This includes the new number one film, Pineapple Express, which opened in first place with 1.48 million units sold and $31.39 million in revenue. Righteous Kill opened in second place with 572,000 units and $12.08 million. Meanwhile, Babylon A.D. and Bangkok Dangerous had nearly identical openings with sales of 422,000 units and 419,000 respectively. The only holdover in the top five was Eagle Eye, which fell to fifth with 345,000 units / $6.42 million for the week and 1.86 million units and $39.22 million after two.

The best of the rest of the openers was Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0 with seventh place and 217,000 units. Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia opened in tenth place with 135,000 units and $2.69 million. Disaster Movie was just that, as it opened in 14th place with 114,000 units / $2.52 million. Tudors - Season Two was right beind in 15th place with 112,000 units while it pulled in $2.79 million, which is the ninth best for the week. The final new release for the week was An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, which opened in 27th place with 85,000 units and $1.44 million.

Blu-ray again saw steep declines, down 23% to $18.7 million; however, DVDs also saw declines and its percentages were 14.4% of total sales and 13% of the top twenty, which were third best in the history of the format and tied for third best respectively. It will take until April before we have solid year-to-year numbers to go by, but I would suspect we will double 2008's sales numbers, or at least come close to that mark.


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