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Genghis Khan Encounters Little Resistance on the Per Theater Chart

June 17th, 2008

Mongol repeated atop the Per Theater Chart with an average of $22,442 in five theaters, which was 17% lower than its opening. Now the next big test is how well it can expand. The second best release of the week was Encounters at the End of the World as the documentary earned $17,730 in its lone theater. Even more impressive is the fact that the film was a Wednesday release that earned nearly $26,000 in total -- had it opened on Friday it might has topped the charts. The overall number one film, The Incredible Hulk debuted in third place on the per theater chart with $15,810. Next up was The Grocer's Son, which grew more than 30% to $13,789 in one theater. The final film to earn $10,000 or more during its run was The Happening, which surprised analysts with an average of $10,220 in just under 3,000 theaters.

My Winnipeg was the best of the rest of the new releases as the Canadian documentary earned an average of $7,155 in two theaters. Chris and Don: A Love Story was next with an average of $5,169 while Baghead was also respectable with an average of $4,320. Love Comes Lately struggled with an average of just $2,435 and perhaps the film opened in too many theaters and a theater count of one or two would have been better. Quid Pro Quo missed the Mendoza Line with just $1,849 while To The Limit failed to crack four digits, earning an average of just $742.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Roman de Gare topped $1 million after close to two months of release.
  • Then She Found Me reached $2 million over the weekend, barely, and that might be the last milestones for the film..


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