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Limited Releases go Kabluey

July 4th, 2008

The long weekend didn't result in a long list of limited releases. That said, there are a few releases that have a shot at succeeding in limited release, even if I wouldn't be willing to wager any of them will escape to the multiplexes.

Diminished Capacity - Reviews
The second limited release in as many weeks for Matthew Broderick. This one is not fairing any better with the critics than Finding Amanda did. Most critics don't hate the movie, but call it a small and forgettable affair. A movie you could watch, and enjoy, but will leave no lasting impression. It's kind of ironic that a movie about a man who loses his short-term memory is so forgettable. Diminished Capacity opens tonight in four theaters, mostly in New York City, but also in one in Chicago.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson - Reviews
A documentary biopic of legendary writer / journalist Hunter S. Thompson. One of the best reviewed films of the week, it is also widest limited release of the week. In fact, at 25 theaters, its opening might prove to be too wide, but we won't know that till after the weekend. Gonzo opens tonight in 25 theaters in major cities nationwide, more than a third of them in California.

Holding Trevor - Reviews
A gay drama about a man, Trevor, who must end one relationship while getting help from his friends while looking for Mr. Right. So far the reviews have been poor, which is a double hit for a limited release and a niche market film. Holding Trevor opens tonight in two theaters, the Quad Cinema in New York City and the Laemmles Sunset 5 in West Hollywood.

Kabluey - Reviews
Writer / director / star Scott Prendergast's first feature-length film. However, judging by the reviews his inexperience is not showing here. In fact, it is the best reviewed film on this week's list. That said, it is also the smallest release on this week's list opening in just one theater, Cinema Village in New York City, where it makes its debut tonight. It does expand into Los Angeles next week and strong word of mouth could help it build an audience.

Tell No One - Reviews
This thriller was a hit in its native France, and it is now earning amazing reviews here. In fact, its reviews are so strong that it could earn some mainstream success here. However, it does have to deal with the foreign language aspect, so its box office potential is limited, but its chances on the home market are better. Tell No One opens tonight in eight theaters, mostly in the Los Angeles area.

The Wackness - Reviews
The latest limited release that had some pre-release buzz that suggested it would be this year's breakout indie hit. Given its reviews, that seems unlikely at this point. The film isn't earning bad reviews, in fact, it is well within the overall positive level. However, 67% positive usually isn't enough for a limited release to thrive. That said, it could still perform relatively well during its limited run while finding a more appreciative audience on the home market. The Wackness opened in six theaters yesterday, half in New York City and the other half in the Los Angeles area.

On a side note, there are some reports that The Chosen One is coming out this week, but the official site makes no mention of that. (They do mention the DVD, which is coming out in August.) This film could be the record holder for longest time between first mention on our site and commercial release. Delgo would beat that record, if it is ever released.


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