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International Details - Sex Still Popular Overseas

July 6th, 2008

Sex and the City fell more than 40% this past weekend, but still eared $12.94 million on 5991 screens in 53 markets over the weekend for a total of $198.97 million after a month of release. The film had no major, or even midlevel openings, in fact, it's only market of note where it hasn't opened in yet is Japan, where it does make its nationwide debut at the end of August. However, it still did well in a number of markets cracking $1 million in Australia ($1.58 million on 365 screens), Russia ($1.50 million on 496), U.K. ($1.18 million on 388), and Spain ($1.08 million on 359). In fact, in the U.K. the film has earned $49.24 million after a month of release, which is even better than it managed domestically, if you take into account the relative size of the two markets.

  • Get Smart climbed into fifth place with $12.06 million on 2203 screens in 21 markets for a two-week total of $20.15 million. This includes openings in Australia and Mexico. The film had to settle for second place in both markets, but earned $4.06 million on 322 in the former and $3.04 million on 650 in the latter. Meanwhile, the film was pushed into third place in Brazil with $863,000 on 240 screens for a two-week total of $2.63 million, which puts it on pace to reach more than $100 million internationally and close to $300 million worldwide. If, and this is a big if, if these early markets are indicative of the film's performance as a whole.
  • Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull plummeted from first to sixth with $11.87 million on 4299 screens in 56 markets for a total of $413.49 million. Of that, $5.57 million came from 788 screens in Japan, where it now has $24.60 million after two weeks of release. It did fall 56% from its opening in that market, which is a very steep decline for Japan. However, it already has $713.57 million worldwide, which is 29th all-time and even without strong legs in Japan, it could climb a few more spots on that list.
  • The Incredible Hulk also suffered a steep decline down 50% and five places to $11.56 million on 2569 screens in 51 markets for a total of $84.85 million. The film had no major market debuts this past weekend, but it added $1.30 million on 434 screens in the U.K. for a total of $15.26 million after three weeks of release. So far the film has made more than $200 million worldwide, and should top the original before it is done. The only real question is if it will be put over the top with its opening in Germany next weekend, France at the end of July, or Japan where it opens in the beginning of August.
  • Boys Over Flowers opened in first place in Japan with $9.47 million, which was enough for eighth place overall.
  • The Happening added $7.47 million on 4510 screens in 63 markets for a total of $70.29 million, which is more than it made at the same point in its domestic run. However, this is still disappointing compared to M. Night Shyamalan's career average thus far.
  • Public Enemy Returns held on better than most films do in South Korea but still fell to second place with $4.6 million on 667 screens over the weekend for a total of $17.09 million after two.
  • You Don't Mess With The Zohan fell out of the top ten with $3.69 million on 1040 screens in 6 markets for am early total of $19.42 million. Its biggest market was Australia where it made $1.81 million on 243 screens placing third over the weekend, while it has $7.08 million after two weeks there. The film doesn't have another major market till the middle of August when it opens in Germany, and it will likely fall of the charts before then.
  • Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic opened in 12th place with $3.47 million on 711 screens in 16 markets, which is a little below average for an Indian film.
  • WALL-E started its international run in a six Latin American markets where it earned $3.16 million on 639 screens. Its biggest market was Brazil where it placed first with $1.45 million on 310 screens. This is not as strong an opening as The Incredibles but more than Ratatouille. But since Ratatouille made more internationally than The Incredibles did, it is hard to use this result to predict the film's international total.
  • Seuls Two opened in second place in France and 14th internationally with $2.93 million on 556 screens.
  • The Magic Hour was down one spot to third place in Japan and three spots to 15th place internationally with $2.44 million on 379 screens for a total of $24.74 million.
  • Made of Honour added $2.34 million on 1654 screens in 31 markets for a total of $47.94 million after two months of release. The film has now made more internationally than it has domestically, but it is only a midlevel hit, at best.
  • Un'Estate Al Mare opened in first place in Italy and 17th place overall with $2.06 million on 576 screens.
  • What Happens in Vegas... opened in Brazil, which is generally not considered a major market, but its second place, $972,000 opening on 168 screens helped its overall weekend number climb. Overall it made $2.06 million on 1273 screens in 13 markets for a total of $124.96 million while its worldwide total reached $203.30 million.
  • Dasavatharam added $2.01 million on 841 screens in 11 markets for a total of $14.68 million. This is better than most of its fellow Indian films have managed this year.
  • 21 nearly fell out of the top 20 with $1.85 million on 1103 screens in 38 markets for a total of $70.86 million. The film is just coasting on holdovers at the moment, but with $152.02 million worldwide, it is a solid, midlevel hit.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall's box office climbed more than 20%, but it still fell to 21st place with $1.85 million 951 screens in 19 markets for a total of $31.23 million. The film opened in fifth place in Spain with $625,000 on 252 screens, which is on par with expectations. The film still has a few significant markets left to open in, and should reach $100 million worldwide shortly. Given its estimated production budget, this should be enough to show a small profit during its initial push into the home market.
  • Crossing expanded wide this week after previews last week hitting 4th place in South Korea with $1.50 million on 400 screens for a total of $1.98 million in its run so far.
  • Adulthood remained in fourth place in its native United Kingdom while it fell to 23rd internationally with $1.29 million on 176 screens over the weekend and it does has $4.79 million in total.
  • Street Kings returned to the charts in 24th place with $1.28 million on 511 screens in 4 markets for a total of $33.37 million. It was able to return to the charts thanks to its fourth place, $1.02 million opening on 233 screens in France. However, there's precious few more markets for it to open in, and it hasn't earned enough to be considered a financial success.
  • Butterfly on a Wheel opened second place in China with $1.2 million.
  • Meanwhile, Kung Fu Hip-Hop was the final film to earn more than $1 million internationally with $1.17 million on 222 screens in its native China. That was enough for third place in that market and 26th overall.


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