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DVD Sales - Go Speed Racer!

September 29th, 2008

There were plenty of new releases on this week's sales chart, nine in fact, but they generally didn't perform as strongly as last week's group. Leading the way was Speed Racer with 406,000 units sold, and $8.40 million in revenue generated, which is relatively better than its theatrical run. Second place went to Made of Honor with 371,000 units sold and $5.79 million in sales. The best of the holdovers was Forbidden Kingdom, which sold an additional 249,000 units for total sales of just under 800,000 units and $18.27 million. At this pace it should reach the 1 million unit mark before too long. Baby Mama might be able to make it there as well with 789,000 units sold (including 241,000 this week) but it will likely drop out of the top 30 first. Rounding out the top five was 88 Minutes with 230,000 units / $5.11 million in opening week sales.

Just missing the top five was The Love Guru with 189,000 units sold for $3.16 million in revenue. The next new release was more than a few spots back as Another Cinderella Story opened in 14th place with 68,000 units / $1.36 million in sales, which is not bad for a direct-to-DVD sequel. Pushing Daisies - Season One was the first TV on DVD release on this week's chart, as it placed 16th with 48,000 units and generated $935,000. Tortured was one place behind with 43,000 units and $772,000 in first week sales. Two more TV on DVD releases placed 22nd and 23rd with Chuck - Season One just overtaking Dragon Ball Z - Season Six 40,000 units to 39,000 units. However, the latter topped the former in terms of raw dollars $1.16 million to $1.03 million.

Blu-ray sales again declined this week, but by a barely noticeable 3.4% to $8.9 million. Sales percentage was down to 7.4%, while the Top 20 ratio remained stable at 8%. Again there was weakness at the top as Speed Racer led the way in High Definition with 50,000 units sold and $1.3 million in revenue. Next week should see some improvement, but nothing compared to the week after that.


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