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DVD Sales - People Getting Smart on Home Market

November 19th, 2008

There were four new releases to chart this week, or perhaps five. It depends on how you count Kung Fu Panda. The number one release for the week was Get Smart, which sold 862,000 units and generated $16.50 million in consumer retail spending. Second place went to Kung Fu Panda with 780,000 units / $13.51 million, although that film didn't officially come out until Sunday, meaning these sales came mostly from one day. (There were a few stores selling the DVD on Saturday.) Tinker Bell fell to third place with 617,000 units for the week and 2.55 million units after two and is now the 17th best selling DVD of the year. Shrek the Halls debuted in fourth place with 482,000 units and $5.78 million in sales. Rounding out the top five was Journey to the Center of the Earth with 373,000 units / $6.66 million for the week for totals of $1.35 million units / $23.90 million after two.

The next best of the new releases was Barbie in a Christmas Carol, which opened in ninth place with 148,000 units / $1.92 million. The only other new release to chart landed in 11th place as Futurama - Bender's Game made $1.73 million from 92,000 units sold. This is the weakest opening week sales for the franchise so far, which is disappointing as I thought it was the best of the three movies.

Moving onto the High Definition chart, Blu-ray sales were again down, declining 10% to $11.0 million for the week. This is simply a result of weak Blu-ray releases. Compared to DVD sales, Blu-ray took 8.5% of total sales and 8% of the top 20 comparison. The best selling Blu-ray for the week was Get Smart with 76,000 units.


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