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DVD Rentals - No New Release can Top Ultimate

December 31st, 2007

There were 12 new releases to chart this week, including 6 in the top ten alone; however, The Bourne Ultimatum remained in first place with $12.76 million in rentals for the week and $28.20 million in total. The Simpsons Movie was the best new release as it placed second with $11.77 million in rentals. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix added $10.12 million in rentals for a two-week total of $22.37 million. Superbad is the oldest release in the top five at three weeks; this time around it added $9.43 million in rentals for a total of $34.95 million. Stardust managed a spot in the top five with $9.23 million in rentals, which is better than it placed on the to sales chart and this bodes well for its long terms chances.

The same can be said of Balls of Fury, which placed sixth with $8.35 million in rentals, and to a lesser extent, Halloween, which placed seventh with $6.94 million. Two Sunday releases, Rush Hour 3 and The Kingdom, rounding out the top ten with $6.35 million and $5.63 million respectively while fellow Sunday release, The Heartbreak Kid earned 12th with $4.93 million.

Moving further down the list we get to The Last Legion in 14th place with $3.98 million. Underdog only managed 18th place with $3.12 million, but it is common for kids movies to sell better than they rent. Once placed 19th with $2.84 million, which is amazing for a limited release, while Eastern Promises did $2.62 million in business starting on Sunday.

Finally we get to Bring It On - In It To Win It, which managed the final spot in the top 30 with $1.88 million in rentals while Hatchet just missed charting with $1.67 million.


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