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International Top Five - Another Milestone for Da Vinci

June 7th, 2006

The Da Vinci Code completed its three-peat, earning $51.61 million on 11,676 screens in 66 markets for a total of $408.86 million on the international scene. The film became only the 21st film to top $400 million internationally, and it should become the 12th to reach $500 million before too long. Worldwide the film has $580.82 million, placing it in 32nd spot on the All Time Charts and should have no trouble reaching $700 million and might even place in the top twenty before its run is over. As for individual markets, the film is still leading in many major markets including Germany ($6.19 million on 902 screens for a total of $38.79 million), Japan ($6.06 million on 822 screens and $45.95 million in total), Italy ($5.39 million on 747 screens for a $30.68 million total), as well as Spain ($2.69 million on 752 screens for a total of $25.77 million). The Da Vinci Code could top the charts next week as well, but with the World Cup starting, it will likely see huge declines in most major markets, especially those with teams participating in the two-week football tournament.

X-Men: The Last Stand held onto its box office internationally better than it did domestically. Then again, it would almost have to. The film fell 56% to $33.87 million on 8,152 screens in 59 markets for a total of $136.02 million. It is now less than $3 million from topping the original on the international scene while it should finish above, or at least very close to X2 in that regard. Its best market was the U.K. where it took in $4.36 million on 448 screens for a two-week total of $26.77 million, but that represents a 67% drop-off from its opening weekend. The film also fell more than 50% in Mexico (down 51% to $2.92 million), Germany (down 56% to $2.55 million), and in Australia (down 55% to $2.25 million). On the other hand, thanks to the Republic Day holiday, the film was down just 17% in Italy, but it also got off to a slow start in that market and managed just $1.78 million on 439 screens for a total of $5.21 million so far. The film doesn't open in its final four markets (Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan) until after the world cup is over, and by then its international run will have nearly dried up.

Poseidon started its international run in earnest this weekend with $23.43 million on 3,274 screens in 22 markets for a total of $34.27 million. On the one hand, this is much, much better than the film managed domestically. But on the other hand, it is still disappointing for a film with a $160 million production budget. The film excelled in Asian taking first place in both South Korea ($6.2 million on 323 screens including Thursday), and China ($3 million on 369 screens). On the other hand, it managed just third in both Japan with $2.10 million on 401 screens over the weekend and $2.67 million in total and in the U.K. with $2.54 million on 428 screens.

Mission: Impossible 3 continues to shed theatres and fell 44% to $7.19 million on 3,833 screens in 57 markets for a total of $194.59 million after a month of release. On the positive side, it did top $300 million worldwide and by this time next week it should have $200 million internationally. It has made enough to show a profit, but has so far pulled in about half of studio expectations.

Over the Hedge was the second film in the top five to start its international run in earnest this weekend, but did it in a less grandiose fashion than Poseidon did. It opened in half-a-dozen more markets and that lifted its weekend total to $5.44 million on 756 screens in 9 markets for a very early international total of $8.26 million. The film led the way in Russia with $3.3 million on 321 screens over the weekend and $4 million in total while in South Korea is managed third with $2.1 million on 220 screens.


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