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Movie Website Updates for June 10th - June 16th

June 16th, 2006

This is actually a pretty busy week with more than two-dozen site on the list. That makes it the busiest week in a month. However, it was one of the site that had no real updates this week that won the Weekly Website Award this week and it was, Nacho Libre - Official Site.

The Barnyard - Official Site
It's been a long time since the site was updated, but the flash site is finally up. The site has most of the usual features for this kind of movie including synopsis, image gallery, both trailers. It also has the first of three games and extras like MooSpace, (character bios), and BarnFlix, (a series of really bad movie puns). Overall it's a good site, but didn't sell me on the film enough.

Borat - Official Site
I get the joke, the site is supposed to look like a really poorly done site. Here's the thing, it really is a poorly done site so the joke isn't clever, just annoying. Much like rest of Borat's act.

Bring It On: All or Nothing - Official Site
Okay, technically this isn't a theatrical release, but a direct-to-DVD sequel to Bring It On. (Or to me more accurate, the second direct-to-DVD sequel to that movie.) However, I really liked Bring It On and it's a slow week, so I'm mentioning it here. The actual site is quite small with just the synopsis, cast list, and information on the music, (I really like that song by Rihanna). On the other hand, there is also the Squad site, which is a viral marketing site that you can sign up to and work towards a variety of prizes.

Casino Royale - Official Site
There are more blog entries, but nothing new on the main site.

Charlotte's Web - Official Site
The full trailer is on the site, but it is only marginally better than the TV spot.

Clerks 2 - Official Site
Two more video journal entries this week, including one of a more serious nature than usually appears here.

The Devil Wears Prada - Official Site
The full flash site launched this week and includes the usual features, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, production notes, image gallery, and trailers). On a side note, what they call a trailer is actually just a clip from the movie but what they call clips are actually trailers. Very strange. There are three extras, Hell Boss, Fashion 101, and Desperate Message, but only the first one is on the site at the moment.

Eye of the Dolphin - Official Site
The trailer was added, but it was not as effective as I had hoped.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Official Site
The intro keeps crashing my browser. Moving on.

Garfield's A Tale of Two Kitties - Official Site
No real changes since last week, but it is still a good site and sells the movie well.

The Groomsmen - Official Site
The site has the synopsis, cast bios, image gallery, and trailer, but there's not much here to make it stand out.

The L.A. Riot Spectacular - Official Site
Simple site with just the synopsis, cast list, image gallery, and trailer. If the film is good, you can't tell from what's presented here.

Lady in the Water - Official Site
The site has a completely new look, but it still feels like a placeholder site to me. And while some of the features are still marked coming soon, (cast & crew bios, TV spots), unless there's sometime more to come that's not even hinted at yet, this site will be lost in the crowd.

The Lake House - Official Site
No changes in a while leaving it serviceable, not special enough to stand out.

Little Miss Sunshine - No Official Site
There's not official site yet, but the full trailer is online at The teaser trailer left me with equal parts anticipation and worry; it looked like it could be a great indie movie, but it also looked like it could be tedious and boring. But with this one I'm a lot more eager to see this movie.

Loverboy - Official Site
All the basics are here, (synopsis. Cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer), but there are no extras.

Lower City - Official Site
Just an intro and the trailer.

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green - Official Site
The usual features are here, a long with some information on the creator of the comic and some clips.

Nacho Libre - Official Site
No real changes from last week meaning the clips and TV spots are still marked coming soon, but a good site nonetheless. In fact, with all the usual features, (synopsis, cast and crew bios, production notes, image gallery, and trailer), plus extras like confessionals and, fan art, and even a wrestling game, it is easily the best site on this week's list. And with that, it becomes the winner of the semanalmente Weekly Website Award.

Outside Sales - Official Site
The synopsis, cast and crew list, image gallery and two trailers are on the site, but not much in terms of extras.

Pulse - Official Site
There are a couple more trailers online, but you have to surf over to to see them.

Quinceanera - Official Site
A typical placeholder site with just the press kit as its only feature.

Scoop - Official Site
The actually site is up this week, but so far it just has the synopsis and the trailer more marked coming soon. I do like the tarot card motif, which does give me hope that the site will be well down.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Official Site
They fixed the Fast Track problem, thank goodness because it is a fun game to play, if a little easy.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny - Official Site
There's a new look to the site, but no new content. The amount of sound and animation is particularly impressive for a placeholder site, so I'm very hopeful for the full site when it launches.

Volver - Official Site
Just the press kit and the photo gallery so far.

Wordplay - Official Site
Great site for a documentary with plenty of information, clips, style, and even a game to play.

You, Me and Dupree - Official Site
The full trailer was added to the site and I'm even less likely to go see the movie now that when I saw the teaser trailer.


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