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September 16th, 2006

There was only one new release to crack the top five, or the top ten for that matter, but it was the number one rental. United 93 was that release with $8.27 million during its first week of release. The Sentinel came in second with $7.21 million for the week, down just 13% from the week before, raising its total to $15.49 million. Take the Lead remained in third place with $6.49 million for the weekend and $14.34 million in total while Poseidon fell to fourth with $5.47 million for the week and $20.54 million in total. The final film in the top five was Friends With Money with $5.25 million; its two-week total of $11.79 million was nearly as much as the film pulled in during its entire theatrical run.

The next new release to chart was well back in 17th place was Lost - The Complete Second Season with $1.91 million. While it is impressive for a TV on DVD release to place this high, it was even more impressive on the sales chart. Next up was the limited release, District B13 in 24th with $1.08 million. The direct-to-DVD film, Dorm Daze 2 in 28th with $790,000. It is quite rare for direct-to-DVD film's to chart, so this was a good start; however, it pales compared to Bring It On: All or Nothing, which in fact took in $1.71 million this week for a total of $13.53 million after five. Just missing the charts was Kinky Boots with $600,000, which is a good start for a limited release.

The overall rental market collapsed this week down a massive 21.6% to $123.6 million for the week and this was down 3.2% for the same weekend last year. Even so, 2006 still has a 1.6% lead over 2005 at $5.5 billion.

Taking top spot on the DVD sales chart was Lost - The Complete Second Season, which makes it the first TV on DVD release to lead the overall sales chart since The Chappelle Show The Complete Second Season did it last year. Second place went to United 93 while last week's winner, Brother Bear 2, fell to third. The Sentinel landed in fourth and Take the Lead came in fifth.

The only other new release to chart was Supernatural - The Complete First Season in 14th place. But the re-release of Robin Hood: Men in Tights helped the film return to the charts in 13th place.

Leading the way on the TV on DVD charts, just as it did on the overall charts was Lost - The Complete Second Season. This pushed Arrested Development - The Complete Third Season into second place. Supernatural - The Complete First Season debuted in third place. Desperate Housewives - The Complete Second Season - Extra Juicy Edition fell to fourth place while South Park - The Complete Eighth Season managed fifth.

The only other new release to chart was Oz - The Complete Sixth Season, which placed sixth.


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