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Movie Website Updates for October 28 - November 3, 2006

November 3rd, 2006

Slow week for websites with only one real contender for the weekly website award, (not counting those sites that have already won). Fortunately, that site, Flushed Away - Official Site, truly deserved to win.

Because I Said So - Official Site
The trailer has been moved to the site this week.

Bee Movie - Official Site
Just the intro and a 'behind-the-scenes' clip.

Borat - Official Site
Ugly, ugly site. I know it's supposed to look like a bad site for a joke, but making a site look bad for a joke means you are left with a site that looks bad. Sure, people who know who Borat is will get it, but you will not convince anyone else that this movie is worth seeing. Preaching to the choir, that pretty much sums up this film's marketing campaign from the very beginning.

Code Name: The Cleaner - Official Site
The full site launched this week. The usual features are here as well as a game of sorts. You get to play with two different clips adding in effects.

Deja vu - Official Site
There's a new look to the site and almost all of the content is online, (production notes are marked coming soon).

Flushed Away - Official Site
This is a deceptively large site. At first glance it seems quite small but there are a lot of features built into the site. This includes the usual features, (synopsis, cast & crew & character bios, image gallery, and trailers), as well as extras. There are nearly a dozen video clips, most of which do a really good job at selling the film, and there are about the same number of games. Some of the games, like pinball, are on the site, others are merely links to other sites that require registration. The site does feel a bit cramped at times, but this isn't enough to prevent it from winning the sedimentary Weekly Website Award.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
This week's blog is on the cast of Blackheart.

Happily N'Ever After - No Official Site
No official site, but we have the trailer: Small, Medium, and Large.

Hostel: Part II - Official Site
Just the teaser trailer.

Hot Fuzz - Official Site
So far this site as the synopsis, image gallery, two teaser trailers, and more than a dozen video journals. It is certainly on my must watch list.

Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause - Official Site
This week's list of additions include a ton of video clips including a blooper reel / behind the scenes clip. Also added was the last game, which was a target practice game.

Screamers - Official Site
All of the usual features are here as well as a very long clip from the movie.

Umrao Jaan - Official Site
Most of the usual features are here, (there are character bios instead of cast bios), and the site also includes an emphasis on the music, including the lyrics.

Volver - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, but there's not enough to make it stand out.

Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock? - Official Site
No real content so far.

Yesterday Was a Lie - Official Site
They changed the font. I would have never noticed had they not mentioned it on the blog.


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