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November 7th, 2006

Just a trio of films in the $10,000 club, but they are managed that feat by a huge margin. Leading the way was Volver with just under $200,000 on 5 theaters for an average of $39,541. This is actually lower than the opening per theater average for Pedro Almodovar's previous two films, but his biggest opening ever. Second place went to the overall number one film, Borat with $31,607 while last week's per theater average champion, Babel, came in third with $26,264 despite a huge increase in its theater count.

There were only four other limited releases this week led by Umrao Jaan; however, exact numbers were not released. Estimates of between $300,000 and $500,000 in 65 theatres were given leading to an average per theater average of $6,153. That was well ahead of Romantico's $2,808 haul in its lone theater. Unknown managed an average of just $1,873 in two while A Soap flopped with an average of $723, also in two theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • The U.S. vs. John Lennon just managed to make it to $1 million over the weekend, but that's as far as it will go.
  • Little Children also reached $1 million over the weekend, but like the previous film, that is likely as far as it will go.
  • Babel's expansion helped it hit $1 million over the weekend and it will have no problem hitting $2 million this weekend.
  • It's been more than seven months since Boynton Beach Club was first released and its longevity allowed it to cross $3 million roughly 2 months after topping $2 million.
  • Running With Scissors made it all the way to $5 million over the weekend and has a reasonable shot at $10 million.


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