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Bobby's the Best on Per Theater Chart

November 21st, 2006

Bobby finished on top of the Per Theater Chart this weekend after taking in nearly $70,000 in two theaters for an average of $34,520. That was more than $10,000 above its nearest competition, Volver, which pulled in an average of $24,095 during its third week of release. For Your Consideration placed third on the charts with an average of $16,174, which is a really good start, but still well below the average opening for Christopher Guest's previous mockumentaries. In fourth was the first of two wide release to top $10,000 as Casino Royale scored a very impressive $11,891 in 3,434 theaters. The re-release of Two or Three Things I Know About Her earned $11,214 in its lone theater, while Flannel Pajamas brought in $11,069, also in one theater. Finally we have the overall box office champ, Happy Feet, with an average of $10,918.

The Aura was the best of the rest among the openers, and even that was way back with $4,601 in one theater. Candy's trip from Australia was a rough ride as it only managed $3,646 in its lone theater. Who the #$^% is Jackson Pollock? played in two theaters over the weekend and earned an average of just $2,763. Way down the list was Fast Food Nation, which could only earn just over $400,000 in 321 theaters for an average of $1,280. Another victim of the select city release strategy. Finally there was Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, which brought in just $944 in its lone theater.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Babel made it all the way to $10 million over the weekend and is already more than halfway to $15 million.
  • The Queen hit $15 million very early during the weekend and should have no trouble reaching $20 million before long.


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