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Per Theater Charts are Dhoomed!

November 28th, 2006

Volver returned to the top of the per theater charts for the third time in its four week run. Over the 3-day portion of the weekend it earned an average of $17,071 in its 30 theaters and the movie is on pace to top Talk to Her as the biggest grossing film in Pedro Almodovar's career. Second place went to Dhoom 2: Back in Action with a very impressive average of $15,540 in 63 theaters. Even if the film sees the usual step drop-off for niche market films, the distributor has to be happy with its run. The History Boys didn't make history, but they did earn $100,000 in 7 theaters over the weekend for an average of $14,400. The final film to make it into the $10,000 club was Two or Three Things I Know About Her with $10,764 in its lone theater.

The rest of the new limited releases finished well back, led by Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story earning $5,034 in one theater. But that was miles ahead of Backstage's $1,010 and Opal Dream's $679.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Dhoom 2: Back in Action earned more than $1 million during its first 5 days of release and even with sharp declines most likely in its future, it should have no trouble reaching a few more milestones in its run.
  • Volver also made it to $1 million over the weekend, and while it took longer to get there, it should last longer as well.
  • For Your Consideration made it to $1 million midweek before hitting $2 and $3 million during the weekend. However, it wasn't able to earn a high enough per theater average to warrant further expansion and it will end with the weakest box office of any Christopher Guest mockumentary since 1997's Waiting for Guffman.
  • Babel just made it to $15 million over the weekend and while it has certainly peaked, it should still reach $20 million relatively quickly.
  • The Queen has held up better than expected, topping $20 million with ease. $25 million is now it its sights, while its chances of hitting $30 million depend a lot on the number of award nominations it earns over the coming weeks.


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