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Reruns Rule Per Theatre Charts

October 18th, 2005

There were four films in the $10,000 club this weekend, but not one of them was a new release. Leading the way for the second weekend in a row was Good Luck and Good Luck, with an average of $18,305, despite seeing its theatre count climb from 11 to 68. Second place went to Capote, which is holding on really well, with just over $360,000 in 30 theatres for an average of $12,129. The Squid and the Whale just finished ahead of Little Manhattan, $10,368 to $10,355. The highest ranking new release was Elizabethtown as it came in sixth with an average of just $4,219.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theatre Charts alumni:

  • The Beat My Heart Skipped just managed to reach $1 million before leaving theatres, doing so in the 15th week of its release.
  • Everything is Illuminated has most likely peaked at the box office, but it still managed to hit $1 million over the weekend. Unless its descent accelerates, it should be able to hit at least one more milestone.
  • Thumbsucker saw its box office collapse this weekend, but it still earned enough to reach $1 million, its first and last milestone.
  • On the other hand, Capote was able to reach $1 million midweek, and has plenty of room to expand.
  • Good Luck and Good Luck earned more than $1 million over the weekend, so it's no surprise it was able to reach its first milestone. Depending on how much it expands this weekend, it could double its total box office by this time next weekend.
  • Proof has peaked at the box office and is starting to shed theatres, but that didn't stop it from making it to $5 million over the weekend. However, without serious Oscar buzz, that will be the last major milestone the film reaches.


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