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New Movie Release Dates

February 6th, 2004

This week's new batch of movie release dates has some more shuffling around of this Summer's blockbusters, and even next Summer's blockbusters. We also have release dates for some smaller (and more interesting) movies. Among movies with moved dates: Welcome to Mooseport, 13 Going on 30, Raising Helen, Mr. 3000, The Notebook and Shall We Dance?. We also have a announced date for Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and a new name and date for the XXX Sequel.

  • Welcome to Mooseport debuts on February 20, not February 13.
  • Kino are releasing Alila on February 27.
  • NASCAR: The IMAX Experience is a March 12 release from Warner Bros.
  • Small Planet will release Gypsy 83 on April 2.
  • First Run has announced release dates for two documentaries: I'll Sing for You on April 9 and S-21: The Khmer Rouge Death Camps on May 19.
  • Miramax have Paperclips coming out on April 16. (Don't know much about this one yet.)
  • MGM's Saved! is confirmed as a limited release on April 23.
  • Sony have meanwhile put some more pressure on that date by moving 13 Going On 30 forward from May 28 to April 23.
  • Buena Vista have effectively swapped Raising Helen and Mr. 3000. Helen moves forward from September 17 to May 26. Mr. 3000 moves back from May 14 to September 24.
  • The Notebook is becoming one of those movies that just can't decide when it's going to come out. New Line have now moved it forward to June 25, after brief plans for releases on April 30, July 30 and July 23.
  • New Line has filled that July 23 with Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, which looks like some mid-Summer counterprogramming with a small-scale quirky comedy (probably not a bad idea).
  • Shall We Dance? moves back a week from the crowded July 30 spot to the equally crowded August 6.
  • Sony have tightened their plans for The Grudge from "sometime in 2004" to "sometime in the Fall of 2004".

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Source: Variety, Exhibitor Relations and Numbers readers like you

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