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Oscars Boost Box Office of Several Films

March 8th, 2004

With its 11 Oscar wins and huge jump in theatre count, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King should have had the largest post-Oscar jump at the box office. And while in raw dollars it did, it was the lesser known The Barbarian Invasions that had the biggest percent jump. The Canadian film and winner of Best Foreign Language Film jumped more than 137% at the box office. Its per theatre average also jumped by nearly 40%, compared to the nearly 20% drop by Return of the King.

But they weren't the only two films to see their box offices increase from last weekend, Fog of War's weekend figure leaped up 51%. Thanks to Charlize Theron's win for Best Actress, Monster saw it box office climb by 6%, but its per theatre average dropped by almost an equal amount. While The Triplets of Belleville, despite losing the Best Animated Feature Oscar to Finding Nemo and more than 80 theatres, was able to increase its box office, albeit by a tiny 0.25%.

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