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Widest Weekend in a While for Limited Releases

March 26th, 2004

It's a very good week for limited releases, not just in the number of new movies, but also in the number of theatres. Usually a movie opens in one on theatre in either New York or Los Angeles so people outside those cities don't have a chance to see it. This week there are five new releases, four of which are opening in multiple theatres. And with only one wide release even coming close to overall positive reviews, this is a great week to check out a limited release.

Dogville - Reviews
First of all, this is a piece of experimental filmmaking and is as much about the audacity of its director as it is about telling a story. Because of this, reaction will vary greatly. If you connect with Lars Von Trier's message it will be a masterpiece, if not a waste of time. That is not to say either reaction is an indication of intelligence, openness to new idea, etc.

Majoy of Sunset Strip - Reviews
Documentary about legendary rock DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, who had an amazing impact of the history of rock music in America. The amount of rock stars he's met and the number of acts he helped is mind boggling, he's like the Forrest Gump of the rock world.

Ned Kelly - Reviews
The widest limited release this weekend and also the best reviewed, (at least according to Rotten Tomatoes.) Ned Kelly tells the true-life story of an Irish immigrant turned Australian Outlaw turned legend. The film could have been improved with more details surrounding Ned Kelly's life and his lasting impact on Australia. But even without them, it is a very compelling story.

Raja - Reviews
Opening in only one theatre, Raja tells the story of a poor Moroccan woman who works in the garden of a rich Frenchmen (Fred played by Pascal Greggory) in post-colonial Morocco. The relationship between the two has been described as everything from touching expression of love to based on desperation and oppression. The writing and acting is superb but depending on what you read into the relationship the film may be to dark to be satisfying.

Two Men Went to War - Reviews
The film is based on the true story of two British dentists who took it upon themselves to attack the Nazis by blowing up a German radar station. Definitely a different take on war and heroism than American audiences are used to, and one that may not translate well. This film is the one I'm looking forward to seeing the most, but chances are I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD.

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