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Shrek Greener on the International Scene

July 7th, 2004

Despite crushing records domestically, Shrek 2's prospects may be even brighter internationally. This week the digital ogre pulled in a massive $78.7 million on approximately 4,700 screens in 30 markets. Highlights include a record breaking opening in the U.K. of $29.2 million, nearly triple the figure the original managed there. It's international total now sits at an impressive $176.4 million and should easily top $400 million by the time it finishes. Worldwide the film has earned $587 million, good enough for third place for the year and 24th all-time.

Spider-man 2's first foray into international markets proved to be a record breaking experience. The film earned $43 million opening in 30 markets, mostly in Asian and Latin American regions. The film broke half a dozen industry records in Asian alone. The film wasn't quite as impressive in Latin America, but it still broke records in Brazil, Central America and Columbia. However, it couldn't top first's film opening in Mexico. Still, the strong start makes $400 million internationally an easy target, as is $800 million worldwide.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is hanging in there, but very tough competition is starting to show as the film dropped to third place this weekend. The third feature in the Harry Potter franchise took in $26.2 million on nearly 8,500 screens in 50 markets this weekend to raise its international total to $369.4 million. That's the best this year, so far, and 15th on the all time charts. Worldwide it's $595 million is second best for the year and 22nd all-time.

The Day After Tomorrow saw a major milestone this weekend as it earned $8.8 million and topped $500 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top five is Troy with $4.4 million. After a disappointing domestic run, this film was saved by its international numbers.

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