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The Core Still Ready To Rumble

February 6th, 2003

The Core's producer, David Foster, has stated that the sci-fi action flick will stay on schedule for its March 28 release despite rumors of a possible delay because of the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Foster says that the scene in question of an emergency landing of the shuttle in a city river basin is very heroic and test-audiences have applauded the sequence numerous times.

Foster also claims that Paramount has pulled the movie's trailer in order to cut out images of the space shuttle scene. The Core stars Hilary Swank and was intended to come out last fall but had to be put on the side burner due to special effects editing.

The question now is whether or not movie-goers are in the mood for a disaster epic on the grand scale. Dante's Peak opened on this week in 1997 to $18.5 mil, whereas Volcano sputtered at $14.7 mil in April. Still, those asteroid films raked in tons of cash in 1998, but between you and me, the one starring Bruce Willis was about as much fun as a tooth extraction.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Dark Horizons

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