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Nemo's Catch Climbing

December 2nd, 2003

Finding Nemo's continued domination of the European market, (it was number one in 15 markets) helped it earn the number one position this week. It is also unseating Tarzan and The Lion King as biggest animated movie in almost every market and should become the biggest animated movie worldwide before its run is over. This week it added another $37 million to push its international total to $230.8 million, which is 54th overall, (just ahead of The Matrix Revolutions.) Its worldwide total is now an amazing $570.5 million, 21st overall.

Master and Commander: Far Side of the World came in second this weekend with $15.4 million. But it was its weak performance in the U.K. that confused analysts. A film about the exploits of the Royal Navy should have done better than $3.3 million and a third place finish.

While its box office dropped a bit to $15 million, Love Actually maintained its hold on 3rd place. It continues to track well against other Richard Curtis scribed films, Bridget Jones's Diary and Notting Hill. It should cross $100 million worldwide mid-week and possibly stay in the top five throughout the Holiday season.

Another week, another huge drop for The Matrix Revolutions. This time it was just shy of 50% landing at $11.9 million. Its international total did cross the $250 million milestone and might have the legs for $400 million worldwide, although that's no longer a sure bet.

Elf managed to take the last spot in the top five with just over $6 million, despite only playing in a handful of markets. However, while its national opening was strong in the U.K. in other markets is opened to lukewarm response.

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