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Movie Websites Launches for December 12 - December 18

December 18th, 2003

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here is a list of highlights, (including this week's winner Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - Official Site plus one last look at websites for films opening this week. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

The Big Bounce
Current Content: The flash site launched this week, but the only new content is the cast and crew bios. However, there is a preview for Sara Foster's video diary.

Calendar Girls
Current Content: The film opens tomorrow but the full site has been up since the end of October.

Chasing Liberty
Current Content: Most of the extras were added this week, but the 'About the Film' sections is still marked coming soon.

Cheaper by the Dozen
Current Content: The film clips were added to the site. Well, they're called film clips, but they are actually TV Spots.

The Chronicles of Riddick
Current Content: The synopsis and the trailer were added to the placeholder site.

Club Dread
Current Content: The trailer was added to the placeholder site.

Crimson Gold
Current Content: Very similar to all Wellspring movie sites. It has the usual features but focuses on behind the scenes mostly. This behind the scenes also includes a text interview with the director, Jafar Panahi.

Fog of War
Current Content: There were no changes since the site was first reviewed. And while the movie may be a serious documentary, the site is anything but stuffy.

Current Content: The trailer was added to the placeholder site.

The Hebrew Hammer
Current Content: First of three movies with award winning sites opening this week. Of the three, this one definitely has the most chutzpa.

House of Sand and Fog
Current Content: The second of three movies with award winning sites opening this week. If you have no interest in seeing this movie, this site can change that.

I, Robot
Current Content: A teaser site launched, although it's not a teaser for the movie, but the Automated Domestic Assistant featured in the movie. And if they put this much work into this site, I can't wait to see the full movie site.

Johnson Family Vacation
Current Content: Typical Fox Searchlight placeholder site with just the synopsis and the cast and crew, (no bios.)

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Current Content: Two new clips and an image gallery were added to the site for yesterday's release. This adds to an already impressive site packed with dozens of videos and interviews, more images than I can count, production notes, etc. There's really no doubt which site would win the Weekly Website Award. The Lord of the Ring site is almost everything a site should be. Of course, it's been around for years, so they've had plenty of time to perfect it.

The Mask 2
Current Content: Just the teaser trailer.

Mona Lisa Smile
Current Content: This site spends a lot of time on behind the scenes information. There huge amounts of information on the casting, setting, etc. There's even information on the art Julia Robert's character teaches about in the movie.

Never Die Alone
Current Content: Typical Fox Searchlight placeholder site with the synopsis, cast and crew (no bios) and the trailer.

Current Content: The site has a good format, but is light on content. It has the usual features, synopsis, cast and crew bios, trailer and image gallery. But there is little in the way of extras, just the in-depth look at the Director and Afghanistan, which was the highlight of the website.

The Perfect Score
Current Content: The flash site launched this week. And it is, in a word, chaotic. While it does have some of the usual features, a lot of the site is made up of extras in the form of SAT test.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Current Content: Just some downloads with the trailer marked coming soon.

Spider-Man 2
Current Content: The Teaser trailer was added to the site.

Current Content: The game was added to the site, but I couldn't get it to work.

Two Men Went to War
Current Content: A very simple site without sound or animate, outside the trailer of course.

The Village
Current Content: None, just a redirect to the Touchstone movie site.

Walking Tall
Current Content: Just a trailer you can watch and a calendar you can download, (in .pdf format.)

Watchful Eyes
Current Content: New content was added to the sections, "New" and "Community."

You Got Served
Current Content: This is one of those movies where the web site will be vastly superior to the film itself. And the site isn't all that great. Not that it's bad, it does have all the regular features, some extras and enough flash. But it can't raise the film above a Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo wannabe.

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