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Limited and VOD Releases: Invading a Theater Near You

February 12th, 2016

Where to Invade Next

It's Valentine's Day weekend, so it should come as no surprise that there's a few romantic films on this week's list. On the other hand, the biggest release is Where to Invade Next. Its reviews are good, but it is opening in 300 theaters, which could prove to be too many.

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong - Reviews
Jamie Chung stars as Ruby, a Chinese American who travels to Hong Kong for the first time for work. There she meets Josh and the two connect. However, it's not good timing for a romance. The reviews are among the best of any new release this week and it is a romantic film, so Valentine's Day should help. Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong opens tonight in 12 theaters in select cities, including Toronto, Canada. Check out the official site for more details.

Bad Hurt - Reviews
Video on Demand
A family has to deal with a handicapped daughter, who needs more and more care, as well as a son who is returning from war with PTSD. This is one of the smaller releases of the week and it is playing on VOD, so its box office chances are weak. On the other hand, its 80% positive reviews suggest it has a shot at finding an audience on the home market.

Cabin Fever - Reviews
Video on Demand
A remake of Cabin Fever. That movie isn't even 15 years old, so remaking it seems strange. The original did earn good reviews and became a box office hit, especially when compared to most body horror movies. However, so far the remake is earning zero positive reviews. It's not even worth renting on VOD. On the other hand, the original is also available on Video on Demand, so you might want to give that one a try, if you haven't already seen it.

Fitoor - Reviews
A Bollywood adaptation of Great Expectations. This film has some reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which is rare for a Bollywood film. However, they are mostly negative.

Mountains May Depart - Reviews
The life of a woman, Zhao Tao, is explored in three time periods: 1999, 2014, and 2015. The film's reviews are very good and Chinese films have had some success in limited release. Perhaps this film can be a hit on the art house circuit.

Remember - Reviews
Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau play two holocaust survivors living in a retirement home. Martin Landau is confined to a wheelchair, while Christopher Plummer is having troubles with his memory. When Martin Landau learns the guard that killed their two families is living in the United States under an assumed name, he needs Christopher Plummer's help to get there and get their revenge. This film has two amazing actors, but the reviews are merely good and not great. It is also playing on VOD, although not on Amazon, so its box office chances are even weaker.

Tumbledown - Reviews
Video on Demand
Rebecca Hall plays a widow trying to write the memoirs for her late husband, a musician. Jason Sudeikis plays another writer who interviews Rebecca Hall before offering to co-write the biography. The reviews are good and it is a romantic film. However, the reviews are not great and it is playing on VOD, so its box office chances are weak.

A War - Reviews
A Danish film about a soldier stationed in Afghanistan and his wife and kids living back at home. When tragedy strikes, it changes the life of the soldier and his family. The reviews are great, but foreign-language films rarely have breakout success. A War opens tonight in five theaters, two in New York City and three in the Los Angeles area. Check out the official site for more details.

Where to Invade Next - Reviews
The latest Michael Moore documentary has him traveling around the world looking at how different countries deal with different issues. He's "invading" and stealing their solutions to problems America can't seem to get right on its own. The reviews are good, but it is opening in 300 theaters without the advertising campaign a release that wide would need. Maybe it will be a surprise hit, but I'm not betting on it.

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