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Friday Estimates: Jungle Preys on the Huntsman with a $16.38 Million Friday

April 23rd, 2016

The Huntsman: Winter's War

The Jungle Book remained the top draw on Friday with $16.38 million, which was more than twice as much as The Huntsman: Winter’s War opened with. With its reviews and family-friendly nature, Saturday will be even better for Jungle Book, and it should top $60 million over the weekend. That’s a great sophomore weekend, even if it is below our prediction of $65 million. It also won’t quite take the film past $200 million by the end of the weekend, but it will be close enough that Disney will be able to celebrate that milestone shortly.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War was well back in second place with just $7.3 million. Even if its reviews weren’t as bad, the film would still have trouble getting to $20 million after an opening day like this. With its reviews, an opening weekend of just under $19 million is more likely. This is well below the $56 million opening of the original, which suggests Kristen Stewart has more star power than people were giving her credit for.

Barbershop: The Next Cut was next with $3.11 million. This is 56% lower than last Friday, which is a lot better than most sophomore films manage. Our prediction of $11 million is possible, but just over $10 million is more likely. That’s close enough to be considered a victory.

Now that it is clear that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice won’t match Deadpool at the domestic box office, we look to see if it can at least stay ahead of Zootopia. Things are not looking so good. BvS did overtake Zootopia on April 10th and by Thursday its lead had grown to just over $4 million. However, on Friday, Zootopia overtook BvS on the daily chart $1.77 million to $1.48 million. This means Zootopia will cut just over $1 million off of BvS’s lead this weekend. Granted, it is a family film so BvS might regain its lead on the daily chart on Monday, so there could be a back-and-forth to see who will end up on top. We will keep an eye on things.

Finally, it looks like Compadres will be the best of the three select cities releases. It earned $439,000 on Friday and should finish the weekend with just over $1.2 million giving it tenth place. A Hologram for the King was close behind with $379,000 on Friday and should open with just over $1 million. Meanwhile, Elvis and Nixon bombed with $151,000. Sadly, this is better than initial reports, but it will still miss the Mendoza Line by a significant margin.

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