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Thursday Night Previews: Bourne has Impossible-like Previews

July 29th, 2016

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne pulled in $4.3 million in previews last night, which is a little better than the $4 million Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation earned during its previews this time last year. Rogue Nation opened with $55.52 million and if Jason Bourne can have a similar multiplier, then it will open with $60 million at the box office. That’s probably a little too optimistic, but it does look like it will beat our prediction by a few million.

Bad Moms took in $2 million during its previews, which is better than Trainwreck’s $2 million in previews. However, Trainwreck earned better reviews, so Bad Moms likely won’t have the same multiplier. This is still good news and does mean a $30 million opening is a possibility, which is great for a film that cost just $20 million to make.

- Jason Bourne Comparisons
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