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International Box Office: Jason is a Bourne Leader earning $50.74 million

August 4th, 2016

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne opened in first place on the international chart with $50.74 million in 5,006 theaters in 48 markets. There were two markets that had a claim for biggest opening for the film: South Korea and the U.K. The film earned third place in South Korea with $8.02 million on 826 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $11.39 million. Meanwhile in the U.K., it earned second pace with $10.09 million in 561 theaters. The film earned first place in Australia with $5.85 million on 554 screens. Compared to the biggest hit in the franchise, The Bourne Ultimatum, these results were mixed. On the one hand, Ultimatum finished with less than $15 million in South Korea during its total run there, so an opening of over $11 million is amazing. On the other hand, Ultimatum opened with nearly $13 million in the U.K., which is close to 30% more than Jason Bourne’s opening. It will take a few more openings, plus a look at the film’s legs, to tell where it has finished.

The Secret Life of Pets entered the top five for the first time during its run with $30.1 million in 21 markets for a still early international total of $99.5 million. The film opened in first place in Mexico with $7.6 million in 726 theaters, while Germany was close behind with $7.1 million in 690 theaters. It wasn’t as strong in France with $5.9 million in 724 theaters, but that’s still a great opening. The film opens in China this weekend and should remain in the top five.

League of Gods opened in opened in first place in China with $29.89 million over the weekend for a four-day opening of $30.39 million. Adding in a few smaller results and the film’s international total was $30.0 million / $30.5 million.

Finding Dory returned to the top five earning fourth place with $23.6 million in 46 markets for totals of $361.5 million internationally and $830.6 million worldwide. The film’s only major opening came from the U.K. where it pulled in $10.78 million in 588 theaters, giving it first place in that market. This isn’t quite as good as Inside Out’s opening last year, but still a very good result. This film will quickly drop out of the top five, as it doesn’t have another major market opening until September, but we will certainly keep track of how well it does until then.

The Legend of Tarzan rounded out the top five with $22.35 million in 64 markets over the weekend for totals of $187.20 million internationally and $309.1 million worldwide. The film struggled in Germany ($1.8 million) and Japan ($1.5 million), but did very well in the United Arab Emirates ($1.4 million). The film needs at least $400 million worldwide to have any real chance at breaking even any time soon. However, earning $300 million worldwide will at least allow the studio to save face.

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