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Thursday Previews: Suicide Has more than 20 million Reasons to Live - Update... sort of

August 5th, 2016

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad started its domestic run last night with $20.5 million from its Thursday previews. This is the best previews since Captain America: Civil War and nearly double the previous August preview record of $11.2 million, held by Guardians of the Galaxy. This is great news for the studio. ... except for two small problems. This is 26% lower than Batman v. Superman and the two films earned identical reviews. If the two films have identical legs during their opening weekends, it will mean Suicide Squad will make $123 million over the weekend and $244 million in total. That’s not enough to revive the hopes of a DC Extended Universe that can rival the MCU.

Nine Lives also had previews, but we don’t have numbers just yet. We can report that it is still waiting for its first positive review on Rotten Tomatoes. It only has six of them up so far, so it is unlikely it will remain at 0% positive, but this is not a good start. .... Update: It's 8 pm and we still don't have the numbers for the previews. I think it is safe to say the studio isn't releasing those numbers. That's a really bad sign.

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