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Theater Averages: The Week’s Best Average Money can Buy is $9,511

September 28th, 2016

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Like last week, no films joined the $10,000 club this past weekend. Two came close though. Firstly, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy earned $9,511 in its lone theater. That’s excellent for a documentary and hopefully this start will help it be seen by more. The number one overall film, The Magnificent Seven, was close behind with an average of $9,446.

None of the rest of the new limited releases came close to $10,000. Closet Monster and Generation Startup were both playing in one theater and earned $6,118 and $6,032 respectively. Up next were a pair of wider limited releases. Queen of Katwe was playing in 52 theaters and earned an average of $5,864. Meanwhile, The Dressmaker earned an average of $5,143 in 36. The Ruins of Lifta was next with $4,620 in one theater, while Made in France ($3,688) and Girl Asleep ($2,700) were right behind.

Several films missed the Mendoza Line ($2,000). Chronic barely missed that mark earning $1,912 in one theater. The Lovers and the Despot was playing in 8 theaters and on VOD, so it is not surprising that it earned an average of just $1,866. 1,000 Rupee Note pulled in $1,697 in one theater. Meanwhile, New World Order earned an average of $1,395 in two.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • The Beatles: Eight Days a Week got to $1 million before the weekend and it should have no trouble getting to $2 million before long.
  • Hillsong: Let Hope Rise barely reached $2 million over the weekend and that’s as far as it will go. This is better than most limited releases manage, but it is terrible for a film that opened in over 800 theaters.
  • Train to Busan finally reached $2 million, seven weeks after reaching $1 million.
  • Don’t Think Twice topped $4 million. I wouldn’t bet on it getting to $5 million, but this is still a good run for a limited release.
  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople hasn’t appeared on this list for six weeks, but it finally got to $5 million. Needless to say, it won’t go any further.
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