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Theater Averages: Jackie Tackles Lion Earning Average of $55,743

December 6th, 2016


Jackie led the way on the theater average chart with an average of $55,743 in five theaters. Given this start and add in its Oscar buzz and the film has a real shot at expanding wide. Last week’s winner, Lion, fell to second place with an average of $16,651 in seven theaters. Manchester by the Sea continues its impressive run with an average of $14,592 in 156 theaters. It still has room to grow. Miss Sloane earned an average of $11,213 in four theaters. It is reportedly expanding wide this weekend, but that can mean anything from a few hundred theaters to well over 2,000. Finally, Things to Come opened with an average of $11,030 in three theaters.

None of the rest of the new limited releases beat the Mendoza Line. Sky on Fire came the closest with an average of $1,885 in 21 theaters. The Eyes of My Mother was close behind with an average of $1,782 in five theaters. However, it was also playing on Video on Demand and that’s the only mitigating circumstance for missing the Mendoza Line. Old Stone was the second Chinese film on this week’s list with just $1,676 in its lone theater. Best and Most Beautiful Things was well back with an average of $796 in two theaters. Finally, Believe crashed with an average of just $748 in 638 theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • The Eagle Huntress reached $1 million over the weekend and it has a shot at $2 million. That’s amazing for a documentary.
  • It took more than two months, but The Dressmaker finally got to $2 million at the box office.
  • Nocturnal Animals also topped $2 million before the weekend. It has a scheduled wide expansion this weekend, so it will definitely reach more milestones. However, it might be expanding into several hundred theaters and not over 2,000.
  • Manchester by the Sea also reached $2 million before the weekend, but it got to $3 million and $4 million over the weekend. It might get to $5 million before Friday and it certainly has the legs to get to $10 million overall.
  • Loving made it all the way to $5 million. Unless it starts winning some major awards, it will struggle to get to $10 million.
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