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Thursday Night Previews: Resident Moves into Theaters with $1 million in Previews - Update

January 27th, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opened with $1 million in previews on Thursday, easily topping the competition. It was only half as much as Split managed last weekend, but if The Final Chapter earned half as much during its opening weekend, the studio would be very happy. That seems unlikely, as this is the latest installment in a franchise, so it should be more front-loaded as a result. Additionally, its reviews are much weaker than Split’s are, so the word of mouth won’t be as strong. That said, we predicted just over $17 million and we’re sticking with that for now.

A Dog’s Purpose was well back with $455,000. However, it is a family film and these rarely do as well as films aimed at teenagers, like Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. By comparison, Max made $500,000 in its previews on its way to a $12.16 million opening weekend. That film was a summer release, so that obviously helped its previews. The reviews won’t help and there are some who are predicting an outright bomb. I’m not that pessimistic and I’m sticking with our previous prediction of $16 million.

We finally got numbers for Gold, but they are not good. It only managed $125,000, which is barely more than the $105,000 The Founder managed last week.

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