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Thursday Night Previews: American Only Made $960,000 in Previews

September 29th, 2017

American Made

American Made only managed $960,000 in previews, which is a little low compared to predictions. I wasn’t expecting a multi-million dollar opening in previews, but I was expecting a little more than this. Its reviews should help its legs, putting it on pace for $13 million, rather than the just under $14 million we originally prediction. Like I said, its previews were a little low side, not significantly so. On the other hand, a $13 million start is terrible for a film that reportedly cost between $60 million and $80 million.

We still don’t have numbers for Flatliners or Til Death Do Us Part, and I don't think we will be getting numbers for those two films. I've heard mixed reports on whether or not Flatliners even had previews. I've seen people saying they could have bought tickets to previews, but that could have been isolated theaters accidentally holding an early screening when they weren't supposed to. Considering the films’ combined reviews still have zero positive reviews, I'm not surprised the studios don't want anyone seeing the films in advanced to spoil any word of mouth and I have very low expectations for these two movies.

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