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Thursday Night Previews: Murder Doesn’t Quite Kill the Competition with $1.6 million

November 10th, 2017

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express pulled in $1.6 million during its previews lat night. In order to match our $27 million prediction, it will need a multiplier of just under 17. By comparison, The Girl on the Train, which is another murder mystery movie with a train in it, earned a multiplier of almost exactly 20 with $1.23 million in previews and an opening weekend of $24.54 million. Murder on the Orient Express also earned better reviews, which would suggest longer legs. On the other hand, it had louder buzz, which tends to result in a more front-loaded box office. We will have a better idea tomorrow when Friday’s estimates are in.

Daddy’s Home 2 was right behind with $1.5 million. However, its Tomatometer Score is just 13% positive, its target audience is more likely to check out previews, and it is a sequel. All three of these factors should lead to shorter legs. We predicted $25 million, but I think we will have to lower that number after Friday’s numbers are in.

- Murder on the Orient Express Comparisons
- Daddy’s Home 2 Comparisons

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