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International Box Office: Red Sea Takes a Victory Lap on Top of the Chart

March 7th, 2018

Operation Red Sea

Operation Red Sea remained in first place with $62 million in seven markets for an international total of $472 million. Of this, the film earned $61.90 million in its native China for a two-week total of $471.44 million there.

Black Panther was close behind with $56.2 million in 56 markets for totals of $396.6 million internationally and $898.3 million worldwide. By the end of the weekend, the film was already in fifth place on the MCU chart and it will have no trouble getting to fourth place before it is done. (Third place might be a challenge.) This weekend the film earned first place in Russia with $5.70 million on 1,198 screens over the weekend for a total of $12.95 million, including last week's IMAX / Deluxe Screenings. It was the biggest western release in Japan with $2.4 million over the weekend and $4.2 million including previews. The film opens in China this Friday and if it is a hit there, it will likely finish with over $1.3 billion worldwide. If it bombs there, then I think Disney might stop trying to chase the Chinese box office.

Detective Chinatown 2 remained in third place with $33 million over the weekend for a three-week total of $495 million. It remained in second place in China with $32.70 million over the weekend, for a total of $494.25 million.

Red Sparrow opened in fourth place with $26.6 million in 65 markets. Its biggest markets were Germany and the U.K., where it earned $2.6 million. It also earned $2 million or more in Taiwan ($2.4 million); Australia ($2.14 million); and Spain ($2.0 million). For the most part, these openings were better than its domestic debut.

Peter Rabbit rounded out the top five with $14.33 million on 16,024 screens in 14 markets for a two-week total of $17.97 million. Its only major market opening was in China, where it earned $12.62 million on 15,000 screens, earning fourth place in the process.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has fallen out of the top ten, but we want to keep an eye on it ahead of its Japanese debut, because it has a slim shot at $1 billion worldwide. This week it earned $2.21 million on 1,597 screens in 65 markets for totals of $537.35 internationally and $930.49 million worldwide. The film doesn’t open in Japan until April, so this might be the last time it appears on this list until then.

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