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Friday Estimates: Quiet Looks to Silence Rampage

April 14th, 2018


Rampage earned first place on Friday, barely, with $11.5 million. Its reviews slipped down to exactly 50%, but that’s still the best ever for a wide release based on a video game, and it earned an impressive A minus from CinemaScore. This adds up to a $32 million opening weekend. Unfortunately, the film cost $120 million to make and even more for its global P&A. And as we will see shortly, A Quiet Place was right on its tail on Friday. Fortunately, the film is doing better in some international markets. For example, it earned $15.6 million in China alone, with an early estimate of $21.2 million for Saturday.

Friday the 13th helped A Quiet Place roar last night with $10.5 million. Granted, Friday the 13th likely played a huge role here; however, even if the film has the exact same legs as it did its opening weekend, it would earn second place with $28 million. That’s the absolute lowest it will manage this weekend, without something dramatic happening. It could earn as much as $36 million over the weekend, but I think $34 million is more likely. This will be enough to push its running tally to just over $100 million after just 10 days of release. This also means $150 million is practically guaranteed at this point, while earning ten times its $17 million production budget isn’t out of the question. That said, Infinity War is looming large.

Truth or Dare was a surprise hit, earning $8.25 million on Friday. There were some pessimistic people who thought the film wouldn’t earn that much over the full weekend. Granted, it did benefit from Friday the 13th, so its internal multiplier will be low, even compared to most horror movies. Additionally, its reviews are simply terrible, while it only managed a B minus from CinemaScore. That said, it is on pace for $18 million over the weekend, compared to a production budget of $3.5 million.

Blockers and Ready Player One earned fourth and fifth places with $3.24 million and $2.93 million respectively. Both films are on pace to earn just over $10 million over the weekend.

Isle of Dogs missed expectations, earning sixth place with $1.56 million in nearly 2,000 theaters on Friday. Because this is a wide expansion, its internal multiplier will be better than most new releases, but even so, it will open with under $5 million. I don’t think it will be able to keep most of its current crop of theaters by the time May begins.

We still don’t have studio numbers for Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero, but it is on pace to earn less than $1 million over the full weekend. Its reviews are 90% positive and it earned an A from CinemaScore, so it clearly deserved better than this.

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