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Thursday Night Previews: Party Generates some Noise, Breaking In Could find Some Loot

May 11th, 2018

Life of the Party

Life of the Party only managed $700,000 during its previews, which is well below the $985,000 The Boss managed two years ago. If this film has the same legs, it will open with just under $17 million. Granted, Life of the Party is earning better reviews, so it could perform a little better over the weekend, but matching our $21 million prediction might be asking too much.

Breaking In was close behind with $615,000. There are not many thrillers with an African-American cast, so it is difficult to find a good comparison. No Good Deed comes to mind, but it didn’t have previews. Acrimony earned $1 million in previews, but it also had Tyler Perry’s drawing power, which tends to front-load a film’s box office numbers. We really won’t be able to judge the film’s weekend numbers until tomorrow when Friday’s estimates show up. I am cautiously optimistic until then.

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