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Billy Barty

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 7 films, with $187,328,650 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #17,326)
Best-Known Acting Roles: High Aldwin (Willow), Baitmouse (The Rescuers Down Under), Philly (Tough Guys), Gwildor (Masters of the Universe), Screwball (Legend)
Most productive collaborators: Ron Howard, Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Bob Doleman, Warwick Davis

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting3$74,271,975$8,004,125$82,276,100

Featured Blu-ray: Willow

March 30th, 2013

Willow came out 25 years ago. It was a fantasy epic that cost $50 million to make and was written by George Lucas, who was coming off of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. It was directed by Ron Howard, who hadn't yet had any monster hits, but both Splash and Cocoon were very profitable and well received. This film had high expectations. It didn't live up to them. Its reviews were merely mixed and it came nowhere near becoming the $100 million hit like a lot of people thought it would. Now that 25 years have passed and the expectations are not there, does it work? Or would it have failed to find an audience even with lowered expectations? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/16/1990 The Rescuers Down Under Baitmouse  $27,931,461 $19,500,000 $47,431,461
5/20/1988 Willow High Aldwin  $57,269,863 $0 $57,269,863
8/7/1987 Masters of the Universe Gwildor  $17,336,370 $0 $17,336,370
10/3/1986 Tough Guys Philly  $21,458,229 $0 $21,458,229
4/18/1986 Legend Screwball  $15,502,112 $8,004,125 $23,506,237
7/31/1981 Under the Rainbow Otto Kriegling  $18,826,490 $0 $18,826,490
11/24/1965 Harum Scarum Baba  $1,500,000 $0 $1,500,000
Movies: 7Totals:$159,824,525$27,504,125$187,328,650