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Jamey Sheridan

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 17 films, with $559,358,899 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #6,165)
Best-known acting roles: Ben Edwards (Sully), Jim Sullivan (Spotlight), Terry (Syriana), Peter (Life as a House), New York Officer #1 (Jumpin' Jack Flash)
Most productive collaborators: Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney, Allyn Stewart

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Career Summary

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting4$223,850,399$202,510,341$426,360,740

Latest Ranking on Selected Box Office Record Lists

Top Stars at the Domestic Box Office (Rank 4,101-4,200) 4,128 $340,638,123
Top Stars at the International Box Office (Rank 9,001-9,100) 9,055 $218,720,776
Top Stars at the Worldwide Box Office (Rank 6,101-6,200) 6,165 $559,358,899

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Featured TV on DVD Review: NCIS: Season Ten

August 19th, 2013

NCIS has been on TV for a decade. It started out as a reasonable ratings hit, but during its sixth season, its ratings jumped from 20s range, where it had been the first five seasons, to number five. It stayed in the top five for the next five years, but last year, it reached first place. It's odd for a show to take this long to reach first place. Hell, it's odd for a show to last this long. Can Season Ten possibly match its ratings in terms of quality? More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Game Change

January 6th, 2013

The 2008 presidential campaign was a strange story. It was the first time in more than 50 years there would be no incumbent on either ticket and this meant both the Democrats and the Republicans had open primaries and this meant there were lots of contenders and lots of drama. One could write dozens of books and movies about the various stories of the 2008 campaign. Game Change tells one of many stories from that election focusing on McCain's decision to pick Sarah Palin as their Vice Presidential candidate. Is it worth checking out if you are a political junkie? Is it worth checking out even if you are not? More...

All Acting Credits

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
9/14/2018 Lizzie Andrew Borden  $0 $0 $0
9/9/2016 Sully Ben Edwards  $125,070,033 $113,482,049 $238,552,082
11/6/2015 Spotlight Jim Sullivan  $45,055,776 $47,161,953 $92,217,729
11/23/2005 Syriana Terry  $50,824,620 $41,866,339 $92,690,959
10/26/2001 Life as a House Peter  $15,652,637 $8,236,521 $23,889,158
1/19/2001 The Amati Girls Paul  $47,767 $0 $47,767
12/8/1999 Cradle Will Rock John Adair  $2,899,970 $0 $2,899,970
9/26/1997 The Ice Storm Jim Carver  $8,038,061 $7,973,914 $16,011,975
7/2/1997 Wild America Marty 'Dad' Stouffer, Sr.  $7,365,417 $0 $7,365,417
8/7/1992 Whispers in the Dark Doug McDowell  $11,124,511 $0 $11,124,511
7/17/1992 A Stranger Among Us Nick  $12,282,994 $0 $12,282,994
11/8/1991 All I Want For Christmas Michael O'Fallon  $14,812,144 $0 $14,812,144
1/1/1991 Talent for the Game Tim Weaver  $336,396 $0 $336,396
7/13/1990 Quick Change Mugger  $15,260,154 $0 $15,260,154
2/9/1990 Stanley & Iris Joe Fuller  $5,820,015 $0 $5,820,015
1/1/1988 The House on Carroll Street Porter  $459,824 $0 $459,824
10/10/1986 Jumpin' Jack Flash New York Officer #1  $25,587,804 $0 $25,587,804
Movies: 17Totals:$340,638,123$218,720,776$559,358,899

Supporting Roles

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
9/9/2016 Sully $35,028,301 3,955 $125,070,033 $238,552,082 52.4%
11/6/2015 Spotlight $295,009 1,227 $45,055,776 $92,217,729 48.9%
11/23/2005 Syriana $374,502 1,775 $50,824,620 $92,690,959 54.8%
12/8/1999 Cradle Will Rock $93,998 498 $2,899,970 $2,899,970 100.0%
Movies: 4Totals:  $223,850,399$426,360,740 

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