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Ron Livingston

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 16 films, with $855,977,635 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #2,944)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Roger Perron (The Conjuring), Cadwell (Dinner for Schmucks), Ethan (Vacation), Gomez (The Time Traveler's Wife), Franklin Crudstaff (The Odd Life of Timothy Green)
Most productive collaborators: Vera Farmiga, James Wan, Patrick Wilson, Chad Hayes, Lili Taylor

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting16$464,531,590$391,446,045$855,977,635
Lead Ensemble Member1$203,654$4,347$208,001

2013 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part III

December 19th, 2013

Part III of the Holiday Gift Guide is a little late due to reasons you probably don't want to hear the details about. (I believe I've developed a food allergy to something in Eggnog.) The third installment of our holiday gift guide includes independent films, classics, foreign films, etc. The fastest way to find gifts is to go to the Independent Spirit Awards nominations and find any film that is on that list that is already out on DVD / Blu-ray (Frances Ha, Mud, etc.). Unfortunately, most of the films competing for Awards Season glory are still in theaters and not available as gifts. But there are still many films worth picking up, starting with... More...

Limited Releases: I'll Drink to That

August 23rd, 2013

There are not a lot of limited releases on this week's list, but a few of them have good reviews and / or big name casts. Drinking Buddies is one such film, but I think Short Term 12 will come out on top of the Per Theater Chart thanks in part to its reviews. More...

2013 Preview: July

July 1st, 2013

For the most part, June was a really strong month at the box office with nearly every film either matching expectations, or at least coming close enough to call it a victory. Looking forward, there are a dozen films opening wide in July, more or less. One of them, The Smurfs 2, is opening on a Wednesday, so I'm going to hold off talking about that movie till the August preview. Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain is opening in less than 1000 theaters, but it has a shot at reaching the top ten during its opening weekend. If we include both of them, there are twelve films, but I think it is better to stick with the ten truly wide, truly July openings. Of these, Despicable Me 2 is clearly going to be the biggest hit at the box office. It could become the second biggest hit of the year so far. It is not the only film that could be a $100 million hit. In fact, there are six films opening in July that I think have a better than 50% chance of reaching that level. There is currently only one film that I think won't at least become a midlevel hit. By comparison in 2012, there were three $100 million movies, led by The Dark Knight Rises, but the rest of the new releases struggled. There's no chance any movie opening this month will top $400 million, in fact, it is quite possible no film will get to $300 million. That said, 2013 has a lot better depth, so it might come out on top in the end. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
9/29/2017 Lucky Bobby Lawrence  $955,009 $75,055 $1,030,064
1/22/2016 The 5th Wave Oliver Sullivan  $34,912,982 $76,423,416 $111,336,398
11/13/2015 James White Ben  $101,368 $11,583 $112,951
10/2/2015 Addicted to Fresno Edwin  $0 $25 $25
7/31/2015 The End of the Tour Bob  $3,002,883 $111,460 $3,114,343
7/29/2015 Vacation Ethan  $58,884,188 $41,771,704 $100,655,892
9/19/2014 Fort Bliss Richard  $0 $0 $0
2/7/2014 The Pretty One Charles  $13,769 $0 $13,769
10/4/2013 Parkland James Hosty  $641,439 $536,709 $1,178,148
9/6/2013 Touchy Feely Adrian  $36,128 $0 $36,128
8/23/2013 Drinking Buddies Chris  $343,706 $63,394 $407,100
7/19/2013 The Conjuring Roger Perron  $137,400,141 $180,600,000 $318,000,141
9/14/2012 10 Years Mary's Husband  $203,654 $4,347 $208,001
8/15/2012 The Odd Life of Timothy Green Franklin Crudstaff  $51,853,450 $3,395,709 $55,249,159
9/3/2010 Going the Distance Will  $17,804,299 $25,799,691 $43,603,990
7/30/2010 Dinner for Schmucks Cadwell  $73,026,337 $13,770,165 $86,796,502
8/14/2009 The Time Traveler's Wife Gomez  $63,414,846 $38,917,289 $102,332,135
11/9/2007 Holly Patrick  $163,069 $0 $163,069
10/26/2007 Music Within Richard Pimentel  $153,205 $0 $153,205
11/14/2006 Relative Strangers Richard Clayton  $0 $0 $0
8/12/2005 Pretty Persuasion Mr. Anderson  $305,688 $0 $305,688
4/8/2005 Winter Solstice Mr. Bricker  $319,355 $0 $319,355
8/6/2004 Little Black Book Derek  $20,422,207 $1,336,164 $21,758,371
11/26/2003 The Cooler Larry Sokolov  $8,291,572 $2,839,883 $11,131,455
12/31/2002 Buying the Cow Tyler Carter Bellows   $0 $0 $0
12/6/2002 Adaptation Marty Bowen  $22,498,520 $10,033,239 $32,531,759
2/1/2002 A Rumor of Angels Uncle Charlie  $38,247 $0 $38,247
1/26/2001 Two Ninas Marty Sachs  $10,976 $0 $10,976
10/22/1999 Body Shots Trent Barber  $699,964 $0 $699,964
2/19/1999 Office Space Peter Gibbons  $10,827,813 $1,351,895 $12,179,708
10/18/1996 Swingers Rob  $4,505,922 $2,112,656 $6,618,578
7/12/1996 The Low Life Chad  $5,000 $0 $5,000
4/3/1992 Straight Talk Soldier  $21,202,099 $0 $21,202,099
Movies: 33Totals:$532,037,836$399,154,384$931,192,220