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Worldwide Box Office Star Records

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Worldwide Lifetime Specific Technical Role Box Office Star Records

Record No 1. Star Amount
Top Worldwide Art Directors Sean Haworth $5,651,960,529
Top Worldwide Assistant Directors Jamie Christopher $14,839,860,554
Top Worldwide Associate Producers Pat Sandston $6,271,121,369
Top Worldwide Casting Directors Sarah Halley Finn $19,363,188,631
Top Worldwide Cinematographers Andrew Lesnie $7,960,187,386
Top Worldwide Co-Producers David J. Grant $3,946,916,816
Top Worldwide Composers Hans Zimmer $27,715,851,621
Top Worldwide Costume Designers Jany Temime $9,550,696,890
Top Worldwide Costume Supervisors Charlotte Finlay $3,609,506,941
Top Worldwide Dialogue Editors Ewa Sztompke $6,313,940,519
Top Worldwide Directors Steven Spielberg $9,942,666,994
Top Worldwide Editors Michael Kahn $11,337,538,236
Top Worldwide Executive Producers Stan Lee $23,530,052,502
Top Worldwide Make-up and Hair Designers Linda Flowers $5,307,873,552
Top Worldwide Music Editors Kenneth Karman $11,867,955,127
Top Worldwide Music Supervisors Dave Jordan $16,080,069,874
Top Worldwide Producers Kevin Feige $14,637,518,701
Top Worldwide Production Designers Rick Carter $10,844,403,941
Top Worldwide Re-recording Mixers Andy Nelson $19,584,967,892
Top Worldwide Screenwriters Steve Kloves $7,575,525,594
Top Worldwide Set Decorators Richard Roberts $11,796,737,962
Top Worldwide Set Designers Easton Smith $9,979,242,598
Top Worldwide Sound Designers Christopher Boyes $16,969,713,813
Top Worldwide Sound Editors Dan Hegeman $1,827,048,863
Top Worldwide Sound Effects Editors Josh Gold $11,629,447,212
Top Worldwide Sound Mixers Chris Munro $7,808,101,644
Top Worldwide Story Creators Stan Lee $10,592,371,692
Top Worldwide Stunt Coordinators Andy Gill $9,394,976,310
Top Worldwide Supervising Sound Editors Christopher Boyes $10,282,721,570
Top Worldwide Unit Production Managers Tim Lewis $5,321,284,605
Top Worldwide Visual Effects Supervisors Joe Letteri $9,935,444,442

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Worldwide Lifetime All Technical Roles Box Office Star Records

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