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Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $5,946,136Details
International Box Office $29,471,026Details
Worldwide Box Office $35,417,162
Home Market Performance
Est. Domestic DVD Sales $9,341,631 Details
Total Est. Domestic Video Sales $9,341,631
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Movie Details

Production Budget:$70,000,000
Domestic Releases: March 31st, 2006 (Wide) by Sony Pictures
Video Release: July 11th, 2006 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating: R for strong sexuality, nudity, violence, language and some drug content.
Running Time: 114 minutes
Franchise: Basic Instinct
Comparisons: vs. Escape Plan
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Keywords: Writing and Writers, Film Noir
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Production Countries: Germany,
United Kingdom,
United States

Leading Cast

   Catherine Tramell


Charlotte Rampling    Milena Gardosh
Hugh Dancy    Michael Tower
David Morrissey    Dr. Michael Glass
David Thewlis    Roy Washburn

For a description of the different acting role types we use to categorize acting perfomances, see our Glossary.

Production and Technical Credits

Daniel Laurie    Dialogue Editor

The bold credits above the line are the "above-the-line" credits, the other the "below-the-line" credits.

Big Man on the Home Market

July 29th, 2006

There were not that many releases from this week's crop to chart, but it was a newcomer taking top spot as She's the Man lead both the rental and the sales chart this week. It earned $5.57 million after one week of rentals while the sales figures were not released as usual. More...

Lack of New Releases Maintain Failure's Winning Streak

July 22nd, 2006

For the third weekend in a row, Failure to Launch topped the rental charts as it added $5.77 million over the week for a total of $25.18 million after three. More...

DVD Releases for July 11, 2006

July 10th, 2006

This week is not as slow as last week. Then again, I don't think it would be possible for it to be as slow. However, it is still not a strong week in terms of quantity, but at least the quality is there. Contenders for DVD Pick of the Week include 30 Days - Season 1 and Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story - Buy from Amazon. But in the end I went with a double-shot of Masters of Horror - Joe Dante - Homecoming and Our Hero - The Complete Series - Buy Direct. More...

International Details - Eight Remains just Below Top Five

May 14th, 2006

With Mission: Impossible 3 dominating the international charts, most films saw a serious drop-off and those that didn't were able to climb the charts, or at least remain stable. For instance, Eight Below fell 27% to $3.67 million on 1951 screens in 27 markets, but despite there being two new releases in the top five, it was able to remain in sixth place on the overall charts. The film was not able to crack $1 million in any single market, but did perform well in Spain with $587,000 on 225 screens and that lifted its total box office to $2.15 million in the market, $30.35 million internationally, and $111.42 million worldwide. More...

International Details - Eight Finishes Just Below Top Five

May 7th, 2006

A pair of openings in major markets helped Eight Below climb a spot to sixth with $5.05 million on 2129 screens in 24 markets for a total of $24.26 million so far. The film opened in France but could only manage sixth place with $1.85 million on 473 screens while in Spain it opened in first place, but only managed $981,000 on 224 screens. In the meantime, the film dipped just 4% during its second weekend in Australia adding $769,000 on 258 screens to its total of $2.29 million there. More...

International Details - Wild Ride

April 30th, 2006

The Wild added a few more markets but still fell out of the top five down 54% to $4.37 million on 2868 screens in 27 markets for a two week total of $17.77 million. Its best market was Spain where the film was down just 43% to $875,000 on 382 screens over the weekend and $3.49 million in total. It had a hard time in family friendly Mexico where it was down 59% to $702,000 on 501 screens over the weekend and $3.60 million in total while in Italy it plummeted an unheard of 84% to just $216,000 on 343 screen for a two-week total of $2.75 million. More...

International Details - Asterix and the Big Box Office

April 23rd, 2006

The latest Asterix & Obelix movie, Asterix and the Vikings, opened in second place in native France with $3.64 million on 606 screens. The film also made $167,000 during its second weekend in Belgium for a $454,000 two week total. These films are very popular in France and other parts of Europe, but have never made the transition here. More...

International Top Five - Ice has a Weekend for the Ages

April 12th, 2006

Ice Age: The Meltdown was even more unstoppable during its second weekend of release scoring $94.7 million on 8,216 screens in 45 markets, which was one of the greatest three-day weekend on the international charts ever. It was another weekend of record openings with the film taking the number one opening for an animated film in several markets. Including in that list was Germany where the film opened with $14.16 million on 1061 screens over the weekend and $17.15 million including previews and the same can be said for its opening in Switzerland, ($2.76 million on 139 screens, $3.17 million including previews), and Denmark, ($1.27 million / $1.58 million on 92). Other huge openings include the U.K. with $17.02 million at 502 screens including previews, which was nearly 10 times its nearest competition and France with $12.5 million on 858. It also opened in first place in Australia taking in $3.87 million on 388 screens, which is not as strong as most other markets it has opened in. The best holdover for the film was Mexico where it dropped just 39% to $5.31 million on 1012 screens over the weekend for a two-week total of $18.05 million. The film now has $156 million internationally and should break $300 million worldwide before the weekend. It goes without saying that both those totals are the best 2006 has had to offer so far. More...

Box Office Suffers a Meltdown

April 10th, 2006

Only one film mentioned in Friday's preview was able to beat expectations to any real degree, and this pushed this week's box office down 19.5% from last weekend. However, at $114 million it was still 31.5% higher than last year, which is more important. Even better news, 2006 has moved ahead of 2005's pace, albeit by a narrow 1% margin, meaning ticket sales are still slower than a year ago. More...

Globe Warms Up to Ice Age

April 5th, 2006

Ice Age: The Meltdown was nearly as impressive during its international debut as it was domestically with a weekend haul of $47.37 million on 4605 screens in 29 markets. The film set records in a couple of markets, include Mexico with an outstanding $8.85 million on 1083 screens, which was more than 20 times more than the next highest debuting film in that market. Other record setting openings came in Argentina with $1.2 million on 134 screens, Venezuela with $531,000 on 80, Ecuador with $278,000 on 30. It also has huge openings in Russia with $7.6 million on 460 screens and in Spain with $6.47 million on 449. Probably its most impressive numbers came in the U.K. where the film brought in $4.1 million in previews alone. Look for the film to open huge there next weekend. More...

Cool as Ice

April 3rd, 2006

For the first time in a long, long time we have a bona fides hit topping the charts. Not only did Ice Age: The Meltdown beat almost all expectations, but it single-handedly brought the 2006 box office out of its slump. The overall box office was $142 million, nearly half of which came from that one movie. This represents a 29.7% increase from last weekend and a 34% increase from last year. Year-to-date, 2006 is still behind 2005, but the deficit was cut in half to just 1%. More...

Is the Box Office entering an Ice Age?

March 31st, 2006

We have the first event movie of the year coming out this weekend. Yes, I realize I said that when V for Vendetta came out, but this time I mean it. In all seriousness, if Ice Age: The Meltdown doesn't have the best opening of the year, then the 2006 box office is pretty much sunk. More...

Movie Website Updates for March 24 - March 30

March 30th, 2006

Another week with less sites than I would have liked. (On a side note, it seems every time something weird happens it happens on a Thursday. This time its slight internet connection problems / memory leak. I think. Whatever it is, it's causing my computer to act really slowly.) This shorter list doesn't mean there isn't an award-worthy site and the best of the best is Over the Hedge - Official Site. More...

Movie Website Updates for March 10 - March 16

March 16th, 2006

Pretty average week with all best sites being previous award winners. The best of the rest was Silent Hill - Official Site, and even though this week's update wasn't huge, it was enough to make the overall site award-worthy. More...

2006 Preview: March

March 1st, 2006

This is a not as busy a month as it initially looks. Granted, there are 18 movies on this month's list, but there are five weekends, or at least five Fridays. Also, every week there's at least one film that may or may not be getting a truly wide release. Considering the level of competition, I'm leaning against any of five such films opening in more than 2000 theatres. On the plus side, we should see the first $100 million movie of 2006 open this month, and perhaps even see two movies reach that milestone. More...

Movie Website Updates for February 10 - February 16

February 16th, 2006

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. It's another busy week as the winter slump starts to subside. As for the best site on this week's list, it came down to the interactive feature of Freedomland - Official Site and the atmosphere of Night Watch - Official Site. After looking over the sites a few times, I still can't decided which one should get the award, so I'm giving it to both. More...

Movie Website Updates for January 27 - February 2

February 2nd, 2006

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. It was another slow week with nothing really grabbing my attention and nothing award-winning, (although there are a couple of sites that show promise). Hopefully some of the summer blockbusters will start launching flash sites so this slump can end. More...

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Domestic Cumulative Box Office Records

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossWeek
2006/03/31 10 $3,201,420   1,453 $2,203   $3,201,420 1
2006/04/07 16 $1,017,607 -68% 1,453 $700   $5,225,676 2
2006/04/14 28 $177,461 -83% 323 $549   $5,851,188 3

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2006/03/31 9 $1,136,273   1,453 $782   $1,136,273 1
2006/04/01 11 $1,295,557 +14% 1,453 $892   $2,431,830 2
2006/04/02 10 $769,590 -41% 1,453 $530   $3,201,420 3
2006/04/03 7 $263,379 -66% 1,453 $181   $3,464,799 4
2006/04/04 7 $274,728 +4% 1,453 $189   $3,739,527 5
2006/04/05 7 $245,916 -10% 1,453 $169   $3,985,443 6
2006/04/06 10 $222,626 -9% 1,453 $153   $4,208,069 7

Weekly Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossWeek
2006/03/31 9 $4,208,069   1,453 $2,896   $4,208,069 1
2006/04/07 17 $1,465,658 -65% 1,453 $1,009   $5,673,727 2
2006/04/14 28 $272,409 -81% 323 $843   $5,946,136 3

International Cumulative Box Office Records

Worldwide Cumulative Box Office Records

Weekly US DVD Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
7/16/20063179,948 179,948$2,825,184$2,825,1841
7/23/20069100,185-44% 280,133$1,494,760$4,319,9442
7/30/20061238,932-61% 319,065$576,583$4,896,5273

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